Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Clothes + Diaper + Nap

Today I put Zoey down for her nap so I could get things done in the house but after 30 mins Zoey started to yell for dada and I decided since she wasn't upset enough to yell for me maybe she would go back to sleep. After an hour of shouting off and on I went to get her. I opened the door to a very naked baby girl. Zoey some how took off her dress, cover and the diaper and was standing naked in her bed laughing. I was laughing to because she was so proud of herself and I was grateful it was only pee in the bed and not poop. I always thought Roxie was our naked baby but she never stripped off all of her clothes expect once. Zoey does it all the time unless she is wear a onese and sometimes I find her onses down around her waist.

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