Friday, January 13, 2012

Working out

I have decided its time to lose the last 10lbs of baby weight. After all she is now 14 months old and I really do not have an excuses not to exercise. For Christmas my Father In Law gave me the game Your Shape 2012. (It was one my Christmas list)
All I can say is WOW I'm out of shape. This week I have been so sore and I swear I have muscle I didn't know even were there. My favorite part of the game is the Kick Boxing work out because I feel like it works the core of the body the best and than the Yoga because it is so relaxing until my 3 year old shouts "I HAVE TO PEE NOW!"
It has been the best workout system I have ever used because it give you reads rewards or badges. It also has a running area where you can run New York City and other parts of the world. It also has dance programs, Arms, Abs, Butt Legs and then your typical cradio, than running around the world, several programs done by Gunnar Peterson. Each section has any where from three to 6 area to master. Ranging from 1min to 35 mins in the different areas. I love this game!!
Like I said I have never been so sore in my life. I thought I was in shape but not even close.
Here's hoping for a healthy new year and lost of 10lbs. I also hope to starter eating better and getting out of the house more with the girls. We live in the backyard or inside the house because I have been so tired lately but not any more.

So here are my goals for his year
1. Try and get the laundry all done on the same day.
2. Change my eating to healthier and working out to have energy
3. Be a happier me
4. Don't worry about the little stuff
5. Enjoy the kids. I feel like I have been so stressed out about Martin and school that I haven't be playing with the girls enough or at lest Zoey.

Those are a few of my goals I hope to make permanent in my life.

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