Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Everyone kept telling me how brave I was for having Qatar watch the kids for five days but in all honesty I knew he could do it otherwise I would have never asked. We came home to find Martin saying Qatar was the meanest babysitter because he followed the schedule and never let them get away with anything.  Qatar took them to church and I must have had half my ward tell me what a wonderful job he did and they were thinking of calling him as a babysitter.
 When I was ask why I just tell people I taught the greatest abstinence lesson. Sex = Kids if you like your freedom don't have sex until you are married.
The day we got home Qatar was extremely excited we were back and telling me he was never going to have kids until he is married because being a single parent is way to hard. 
He said he now understands when he and Doug come home from work and I look a little crazy, tried or upset he now understands.
I did tell him to spoil the kids while we were gone because it would make his job so much easier but he kept to the rules.
Lisa you are more than welcome to spoil my kids rotten because you are the Auntie!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Back to the Trip CRAZYLAND I mean Hollywood

11 years ago when Doug and I were dating we went to Hollywood in March and we had fun takings in the sights and decided we would return for one of the Star tours.  Well we did but this time it was wall to wall people from all over the world and for some reason instead of feeling the excitement of Hollywood it felt sad and lost dreams.
I don't know if it was the endless crowds, endless waitress who were waiting for their big break but the magic Hollywood once had was now gone.  I can see why celebrities live in the Hollywood Hill its beautiful and for some reason for being in a sever drought water was running freely down the streets of Bel Air and Beverly Hills. 


Desert Center Gas Station

On our way home we stop off at a place called Desert Center an
all but desert town on the edge of the freeway.  I was looking up interesting sites and this one popped up.  The gas station was locked up but though the windows you would see an only Model T covered, Miliarty jeep covered along with several other cars and trains.  It is the most amazing place because it looks like life stopped.  I would love to be able to check out the locked up gas station because of all the history that is just sitting out in the open.  If I had on better shoes I would have loved to explore the abandoned school


Monday, July 21, 2014

Where did the time go?



Always together


Break from Vacation BACK TO SCHOOL!

Today is the first day of school for little miss Roxie. Martin is excited for 3rd grade he woke up two hours before he was suppose to leave got dressed. (Shoes and Socks on without asking) and was wearing his backpack.  I don't think he belongs to me because I truly can't think of a time I was excited for school.
I feel a little bad today because while I was waiting for Roxie to meet her Kindergarten teacher I sent Martin to find his class line. So after Roxie left me I went in hunt for Martin but never found him.  I found everyone else kids all smiling and playing but not Martin. 

To help with Roxie's nerves Martin reminded her he was right next door in Room 17 if she needed anything.  They held hands until we got closer to the school and than Martin asked her to let go.  However I did notice they were still holding hands.

Roxie has Martin's Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Maxwell and to top it off Martin is in room 17 and Roxie is in room 16 right next to each other.

Zoey on the other hand has enjoyed watching My Little Pony, Snack and having most of the morning to her mommy.  Which by the way I am a nervous rack because I keep hoping Roxie found a friend and Martin made new friends in his class.


Doug and I enjoyed our getaway and decided since Qatar was nervous we would stay slightly close. (6 hours from home.) I decided two things I wanted to do while away from the kids.
1. I wanted to sit by a pool and read a book without worrying if one of my kids was going to drowned the other.
2. Eat where my kids would never eat.  We had Cuban, Japanese, Amazing breakfast, ate on a USS Carrier and so many more fun places.  I loved eating all the yummy foods expect for a meat platter that we decided the restaurant was trying to kill us.  Who put three different types of meat on a try with Garlic Cloves instead of cracker? Not to mention uncook Prosciutto. YUCK!
We accomplished by and had a great time being just the two of us.

Blueberry Pancakes with the most amazing BlueBerries

Dreams can come True

Going out for a special night. I took a shower and spent time getting ready for the first time in 8 years. I learned it is time to update my makeup and find blush.

USS Midway Tour - Sleeping quarters

Driving the ship

F 14 Tom Cat


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Heidi and Doug's Adventure!

108 degrees looking at Pictographic and hearing but not see Rattle Snakes

Desert View Tower

I couldn't help but Laugh.

The very top of the tower.

Boulder and Tower

Exploring the Bounder Park

I have no words.

That a Penguin on a Vespa.
Doug took off a week of work for the first time since we got married and we decided since we had an in house babysitter we would take some time to get away from the kids. After three days of planning out every little things for the kids from playdates, sleep over and meals we left Qatar in charge.
We decided in case Qatar ran into trouble we would stay sorta of close. (6 hours) For the first time ever we drove I 8 in the day light and found and found quite a few interesting little places.  The first we saw a small brown sign saying Pictographs and we followed it for quite some time and found a pile of rocks with several pictures in 108 degree weather and lot of rattles snakes.  We didn't see them but we sure heard them.  A few hours later we saw a Tower and decided why not stop and found a hippie who loves to collect strange things and loves the simple life.  The tower had beautiful views but beware he had no problem charging for the tower and boulder park because our car had a nice little L on it.  The boulder park was fun to explore.  I have never had so much fun driving to San Diego before.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Qatar's New Suit

Martin and Mommie because he missed out on the 4th pictures

Silly Hudson

That's right "Don't Blame Me. I was Born Awesome"

I cleaned out our toy closet and sent quite a few toys to the nursery, Goodwill and the trash.  The kids didn't even realize anything was missing.