Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Heidi and Doug's Adventure!

108 degrees looking at Pictographic and hearing but not see Rattle Snakes

Desert View Tower

I couldn't help but Laugh.

The very top of the tower.

Boulder and Tower

Exploring the Bounder Park

I have no words.

That a Penguin on a Vespa.
Doug took off a week of work for the first time since we got married and we decided since we had an in house babysitter we would take some time to get away from the kids. After three days of planning out every little things for the kids from playdates, sleep over and meals we left Qatar in charge.
We decided in case Qatar ran into trouble we would stay sorta of close. (6 hours) For the first time ever we drove I 8 in the day light and found and found quite a few interesting little places.  The first we saw a small brown sign saying Pictographs and we followed it for quite some time and found a pile of rocks with several pictures in 108 degree weather and lot of rattles snakes.  We didn't see them but we sure heard them.  A few hours later we saw a Tower and decided why not stop and found a hippie who loves to collect strange things and loves the simple life.  The tower had beautiful views but beware he had no problem charging for the tower and boulder park because our car had a nice little L on it.  The boulder park was fun to explore.  I have never had so much fun driving to San Diego before.

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  1. Looks like an interesting place to visit in the Winter not Summer.