Thursday, May 31, 2012

A new games

We have a new game on the Xbox Martin can not stop playing.  This part if you stand still long enough you freeze and than if you move you break the ice.  I will post the video of Zoey trying to dance.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

School is coming to an end

Martin has 3 more days until school is out and boy does this school knows how to end a year.
Tomorrow is the Sunshine Breakfast where kids are award for Academics, Behavior or Citizenship.  Sunday Martin gets to sleep over at Grandma Wimmers, Monday Memorial Day so no school, Tuesday the Wild Life Zoo is coming to put on a show and Wednesday its a wet and wild day.  The kids get to wear swimsuits and play in water for part of the day.  Thursday No More School!! (Until July 23rd)
I have no idea what we are going to do this summer but so far Martin has planned, Swimming, Library, friends, reading and sleeping in.  Just so everyone knows Martin considers sleeping in past 6:30am. Oh and celebrating his 6th Birthday with a party or camping with his friends and their dads.  I'm voting for the camping because than I won't have a mess to clean up but if he decided on a party it will be an easy one.  No more crazy themed parties.  Last year all Martin and his friends wanted to do was play in the sprinklers and jump on the trampoline.
  I wish I could make time slow down!  I feel like every day he is growing up and I wish he could stay my little guy forever.  Roxie on the other hand I wish would grow out of her screaming when I do not get what I want phase.
Zoey has turned into my cuddle bug as I requested before she was born but she is still attached at the hip.  Sunday's are getting easier because Zoey loves the new Nursery leaders and the bishop (who visits) Now if I could only find my way to class without getting stopped to do something.

  Its getting hot (106) so I know you are all dying to visit.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Many Faces Of Zoey Girl

Just Zoey Being Zoey

I spent most of the day painting the upstairs hallway and Zoey decided she needed some attention!! This little girl is a goof and at the same time a  terror.
She kicks her sister, she punches her brother and screams no when it is time for a diaper change.
She is also my cuddle bunny and I love her.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Testing out the Big Potty

Zoey decided she wants to be a big girl and try the potty.  She sat there and giggled, read a book and decided she was done after 10 mins. Nothing happened but she enjoyed her time.  I am not holding my breathe that she is going to potty train earlier but a mom could pray!!
Zoey hasn't been eating a lot lately and the doctor said not to worry but HEY I'm a mom that's our job!!!
Life is good. Life is great.  I could use a nap! 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lesson Learned Family Pictures

 Here are the Wimmer Family Photo's of 2012!!!  Never again are we getting pictures done here!!
 I didn't plan on getting pictures of me but it was the only way to get Zoey to smile ONCE!!

I Love Zoey's Face in this one!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Where did those 18 months go??
Just got back from the doctor and Zoey Skinny and average!!!
21 lbs 9oz weight 15%
31 3\4 inches tall 50%
19 1\4inches head 95%  Typical Bremner\Wimmer We have big heads

I was so happy to see Zoey was playing with the doctor and would say Hello and give High Fives!!  It was fun to see her so happy right before they poked her 4 times!!!  She was so mad at me she refused to let he hold her.
She wants to cuddle gotta run!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Sorry for the older pictures but these are the only ones I have right now.
I was given a wonderful surprise this morning from my wonderful family beautiful gifts of earrings from Martin, Shoes from Roxie, a movie from Zoey and my GPS updated from Doug.  Now I will not keeping looking for a Burger King that was torn down after 2006. Right Mom :)
I am so grateful for all the amazing women in my life that have guided into motherhood.  I love you all so very much than you Grandma's, Thank you Mom, Thank you Mom W., Thank you Lisa, Kristi, to my amazing sister-in-laws and my wonderful and amazing sisters Paige and Amanda.  Thank you all for giving me help when needed and support when I was going crazy over the littlest things.

I love you all.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

List of Words

Here is a list of Zoey's words and sentences

Mom, Dad, Martin, Ears, Nose, Head, hands, feet, no, please, Ah Man, Cany (Candy)Hello, Hi, papa (Grandpa) Grandma and there are a few more that I haven't counted because I ca understand her but I am not sure if other people can.  Monday we are taking Zoey in for her 18 month check up and I am not looking forward to it because she is getting poked 6 times.  YUCK!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

100 years of Relief Society in Chandler AZ!

Here is the website that celebrates 100 years of Relief Society in Chandler AZ.  In a few days it will have the performance from that night.  Just so you all know the whole cast only performed a full run though on the stage that night at 5:30pm and the show started at 7pm.  My group only put out skirt together for the first time Friday before the show because we were all so busy.  Gotta love the Church Gym.

It was a beautiful program and I really miss performing on stage.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just for the Grandma's

Here are a few fun pictures of the kids!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thats Gross!

Those are the words that came out of my doctors mouth when he looked in my throat.  Friday I started to feel light headed, Saturday I started to feel a cold coming on with the "My Skin hurts" feeling.  Sunday we decided since Doug and I were both feeling sick we would stay home.  Monday night I had a asthma attack that scared Doug pretty good because I tired to use my inhaler and found it completely empty and no refills. To put the icing on the cake I had completely lost my voice and every time I coughed I felt pain everywhere.
  Fast forward to today I went to see my doctor because I was still feeling yuckie and my chest felt like a weight was sitting on it.  Oh and I need a prescription for an inhaler.
  So the doctor looked at my throat and said "I'm not sure what to think but its gross. One side looks like Strep and other side looks like the viral." Just what I wanted to here.  He didn't want to do a swab because he felt it would cause me more pain than was really necessary so he put me on antibiotic and hopefully I will start to feel better soon.  After all Saturday I am suppose to be singing, dancing and acting on stage.  I am hoping to get well enough to just say my lines without sounding like I have been smoking 5 packs a day.
 Oh a high note the kids are all healthy and Doug is starting to feel better.