Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lesson Learned Family Pictures

 Here are the Wimmer Family Photo's of 2012!!!  Never again are we getting pictures done here!!
 I didn't plan on getting pictures of me but it was the only way to get Zoey to smile ONCE!!

I Love Zoey's Face in this one!!


  1. Zoey's facial expression in the last picture is PRICELESS! Love It!!!

  2. Zoey looks beyond bored, the pictures of everyone else are good just Zoey doesn't seem to be wanting to get them done is all. Roxie looks great in all of them.

  3. The funny part Zoey was running around the studio talking and giggle and Roxie was screaming and crying right before the photos were taken. I think we will stick with the group we normally go to and I will just take Zoeys photo until she decided she can leave mom's side.