Thursday, May 24, 2012

School is coming to an end

Martin has 3 more days until school is out and boy does this school knows how to end a year.
Tomorrow is the Sunshine Breakfast where kids are award for Academics, Behavior or Citizenship.  Sunday Martin gets to sleep over at Grandma Wimmers, Monday Memorial Day so no school, Tuesday the Wild Life Zoo is coming to put on a show and Wednesday its a wet and wild day.  The kids get to wear swimsuits and play in water for part of the day.  Thursday No More School!! (Until July 23rd)
I have no idea what we are going to do this summer but so far Martin has planned, Swimming, Library, friends, reading and sleeping in.  Just so everyone knows Martin considers sleeping in past 6:30am. Oh and celebrating his 6th Birthday with a party or camping with his friends and their dads.  I'm voting for the camping because than I won't have a mess to clean up but if he decided on a party it will be an easy one.  No more crazy themed parties.  Last year all Martin and his friends wanted to do was play in the sprinklers and jump on the trampoline.
  I wish I could make time slow down!  I feel like every day he is growing up and I wish he could stay my little guy forever.  Roxie on the other hand I wish would grow out of her screaming when I do not get what I want phase.
Zoey has turned into my cuddle bug as I requested before she was born but she is still attached at the hip.  Sunday's are getting easier because Zoey loves the new Nursery leaders and the bishop (who visits) Now if I could only find my way to class without getting stopped to do something.

  Its getting hot (106) so I know you are all dying to visit.

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