Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Hot Chicks Vote For Mitt"

Sorry the pictures are so fuzzy. The pin says " Hot Chicks Vote Republican"
Holding a fussy 16 month old makes for blurry pictures.
Today I dragged Mom and Dad out at 8am to go to a Rally for Mitt Romney at 9:30am. The rally was just down the street at a Baptist Community Church and school and I was surprised to see all the different ages. Most of the time people think Republicans are old rich and white. There were lots of women, young people and tons of kids. The rally was suppose to start at 9:30 but like all good Mormons it started at 10am. There were the heads of the republican parties spoke first and than Mitt Romney's wife spoke and I love her. She is normal and just seemed so down to earth and she raised 5 boys. I wanted to shake her hand more than Mitt Romney's. He was really animated and really got the crowd going.
Grandma Bremner got Roxie going with a shouting" Hot Chicks Vote For Mitt." So when he started to walk the crowds Roxie stuck her hand out twice an he grabbed her hand both times. I didn't shake his hand because there was a 9 year old standing next to me wanting to shake his hand and I was holding a very fussy baby. Since we were there so early we were so close to the stage. Mitt Romney also said " What Beautiful Girls." I do not care if he is a politician or not its makes a mom feel really good when someone says she has beautiful girls. I mean how can you miss those big blue eyes.

The only thing Arizonian want to hear is about Jobs, economy and taxes and he talked about Taxes and Jobs. I like what he says and I hope he gets the nomination because I think he would be the best to go against the current president.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Silly Girls

I was trying to take pictures of Zoey's New teeth and Roxie decided to join. Both girls were kind of singing.
I feel so very blessed to be able to stay home and enjoy these crazy sweet moments.

I love being a mother. It has its ups and downs but there's no better feeling than unconditional love from my children. Unknown Author

Being a mother means your wants come last and your child's needs comes first. Unknown Author

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Martin VS the Tooth

Martin Won!

6:00am I was woke up to a very excited 5 year old holding his tooth. Martins front tooth has been lose for almost a month and he has been worried that when his tooth falls out it would have lots of blood because a friend of his at school had her tooth fall out and she was bleeding. So Doug and I have been praying that when the tooth falls out it would be at night so he wouldn't see any blood. I love how the Lord knows us all so well and will answer some of our crazy desires.
Martin informed me one of his friend get a dollar for every tooth. Well this tooth fairy I guess will be cheap with a quarter. I also informed Martin the tooth fairy only changes a tooth if it goes into his piggy bank otherwise she will not turn the tooth. He is very excited to go to bed tonight.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm Back from the Land of???

Doug and I got back from the Magic Marketplace in Las Vegas. I love going to the MAGIC Marketplace because I can see some of the latest fashion for the next two seasons. I was able to go to 8 different shows and walk the floor every day. Doug was in meetings until 3 most days so I spent my time walking the different show floors and enjoying every second of not being pushed, pulled or touched my little people. I enjoyed not hearing the endless tears and screams of little people but I also missed though little people.
The upcoming fashions are big prints, colored jeans, lots of beach wear for the every day and scarfs. For the winter lots of beautiful colored and amazing fabric for pea coats and still the bright color jeans which I am not going to be wearing no matter how much you pay me. Dress are getting shorter and less sleeves but that was mainly in juniors.
One of my favorite shows was pool. Now you would think that would mean swimsuits and beach wear right WRONG. It was a pool of boutique stores and unique items that wouldn't be for the everyday. Now WWD (Womens)MAGIC People sold everything from Betty Page Style clothes to Steam Punk to the every day clothing if that gives you any idea HOW strange Pool was to walk though. I wish I could have taken pictures but people and security get really made when you take pictures. Some companies will band you from coming into there booths if you take any pictures of the outside of the booth.
I have most respect for what Doug does in Vegas each year because it isn't really a party it is a lot of hard work.
I hope I will be able to go again because I loved seeing the fashions but I really enjoyed having some time with Doug away from the kids. I'm pretty sure going twice a year might be out for the Grandma's but hopefully I will be able to go once a year. Now I just need to pick when Feb. over Valentines or August over my Anniversary.
Doug and I ate at the most amazing places and my favorite was at Jasmine in Bellagio Hotel. We were able to watch the water show several times and have wonderful Chinese Food.
I feel so blessed to be able to get away with Doug because I know a lot of people do not have the chance to take vacations without bring the kids.
We had quite the adventure coming home Heavy winds, down pouring rain and have icy snow.
It feel good to be home and I was able to bring home a beautiful FREE Coat and several shirts.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

the MAGIC Marketplace

Twice a year Doug goes to Las Vegas for the MAGIC Marketplace show. I have only been there once but I loved every second and that included all the walking. If you do not know what the MAGIC Marketplace it is the Clothing Appeal where buyers walk around and see the latest in Styles, up and coming designers, shoes and so much more. Last time my favorite was the shoes there were so many amazing shoes and hand bags.
I loved walking around the Womens Expo but Street wear was a bit uncomfortable because I might love high fashion but I do not like to spend the money to change my wardrobe every season.
There is also the half price show where at the end of the week vendors will sometimes sell there clothes, shoes and handbags.
Before I forget a BIG Thank you to Grandma and pa Bremner for watching Martin and taking him to and from school. Along with Grandma Wimmer for watching Roxie and Zoey.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Learning Something new

For my birthday present my father-in-law bought me a photo book called: Photographing children Photo workshop. I am really excited because at the end of each chapter it challenges the reader to create a photo and post it on their website. Over the next few weeks I am going to take on the challenges.I hope to start being able to take my kids yearly photos and hopeful save some money as well.

I will only post once a week and at is only if I get the time to read the book. Zoey has been keeping me on my toes with her new found nakedness and I am constantly finding a diaper less baby running around the house.

On top of my new photo challenge I am trying to finish make one tooth fairy pillow and one purse for my niece who is about to learn like Roxie did being a big sister isn't always fun.

By the way how much does the tooth fairy give for the first tooth? In general how much should a tooth fairy give? Is a quarter two much?