Sunday, February 19, 2012

Martin VS the Tooth

Martin Won!

6:00am I was woke up to a very excited 5 year old holding his tooth. Martins front tooth has been lose for almost a month and he has been worried that when his tooth falls out it would have lots of blood because a friend of his at school had her tooth fall out and she was bleeding. So Doug and I have been praying that when the tooth falls out it would be at night so he wouldn't see any blood. I love how the Lord knows us all so well and will answer some of our crazy desires.
Martin informed me one of his friend get a dollar for every tooth. Well this tooth fairy I guess will be cheap with a quarter. I also informed Martin the tooth fairy only changes a tooth if it goes into his piggy bank otherwise she will not turn the tooth. He is very excited to go to bed tonight.

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