Saturday, February 11, 2012

the MAGIC Marketplace

Twice a year Doug goes to Las Vegas for the MAGIC Marketplace show. I have only been there once but I loved every second and that included all the walking. If you do not know what the MAGIC Marketplace it is the Clothing Appeal where buyers walk around and see the latest in Styles, up and coming designers, shoes and so much more. Last time my favorite was the shoes there were so many amazing shoes and hand bags.
I loved walking around the Womens Expo but Street wear was a bit uncomfortable because I might love high fashion but I do not like to spend the money to change my wardrobe every season.
There is also the half price show where at the end of the week vendors will sometimes sell there clothes, shoes and handbags.
Before I forget a BIG Thank you to Grandma and pa Bremner for watching Martin and taking him to and from school. Along with Grandma Wimmer for watching Roxie and Zoey.

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