Thursday, February 2, 2012

Learning Something new

For my birthday present my father-in-law bought me a photo book called: Photographing children Photo workshop. I am really excited because at the end of each chapter it challenges the reader to create a photo and post it on their website. Over the next few weeks I am going to take on the challenges.I hope to start being able to take my kids yearly photos and hopeful save some money as well.

I will only post once a week and at is only if I get the time to read the book. Zoey has been keeping me on my toes with her new found nakedness and I am constantly finding a diaper less baby running around the house.

On top of my new photo challenge I am trying to finish make one tooth fairy pillow and one purse for my niece who is about to learn like Roxie did being a big sister isn't always fun.

By the way how much does the tooth fairy give for the first tooth? In general how much should a tooth fairy give? Is a quarter two much?

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