Saturday, April 26, 2014

The In's and Outs of Life

I laid my head down on this pillow for a few minutes of relaxation before work today. As I nestled in and got all cozy Zoey climbed on me and grinned.

"That's my booger pillow."

"Booger pillow?" I ask.

"Yep!" She replied with a grin, "That's where I put all my boogers."

I did check the pillow and I am happy report there are no boogers however she also informed me she has a booger wall.  I handed her a rag and told her to start cleaning. 

Another great explain of my mornings thankful dad is always they to document it.

A tearful Zoey comes running into our room this morning.

"Roxie kicked me!"

I go into the the girls' bedroom and find Roxie hiding in the closet. Always a reliable indicator or guilt.

"Roxie, what happened?"

"I accidentally kicked Zoey's piggy bank."

(Definitely possible as the piggy bank is regularly on the floor.)

"You accidentally kicked her piggy bank?"

"Yeah. I mean it didn't even fall out of her hand!"

So much for the accidental defense.

Yesterday I was invited to join a family while they celebrated their daughters birthday who happens to babysit for us as well as I taught her in Sunday school.  None of her young women leaders were able to make it so it was me and her entire family.  After a few moments of talking one of her sisters announced "Your the person my dad will calls me about." Looking very confused because I do not live that exciting of life she continued. "He calls and tells me all about your facebook post and the crazy things your kids do.  Your kids totally make my day."  Good to know I can bring sunshine to others lives while I deal with my booger wall and accidentally kicking of others.  Hey if that's makes them smiled than bring on the high kicks Roxie just try and not break anymore toys.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saying Good Bye to Grandma Wimmer

Roxie and Kristi Randle (Wimmer)

Looking at Hudson's dirty Feet

Bennett and Jeremy Randle

We said good bye to grandma Wimmer this week and even though it is only an earthly good bye it still a good bye.  The Wimmer Horne family came together and we cried and laughed and will always remember the wonderful times we had with LaRae.  I am sad that Husdon will never get to know his grandma Wimmer or be danced to sleep by her as she whispers in his ear how much she loves him.
I enjoyed seeing Aunt Julie Anne and Karleen LaRae's sisters who gave me endless hugs telling how much they loved me.  They said they were grateful I took such good care of LaRae and that I was one of their's.  Although Karleen may think differently since I did side with Julie Anne at least three times in a debate about a story LaRae had told me while she and her sisters wrote her life story. Many times throughout the day I was pulled asides by ward members or family telling me how much LaRae loved me and my kiddo's, or how grateful they were that I spent so much time with LaRae and took care of her needs.  I thank them but was confused because why wouldn't I take care of her she is my mom.  Ten years ago when Doug and I were married my mom asked me to love my Mother in Law as much as I loved her and I decided to do that.  Not all times were Roses and Sunshine but the good out weighs the silly things I was hurt by. She was and will always been my mom who taught me how to make home made marshmallows, spent endless hours singing, reading and dancing my little ones to sleep and even though I am sad I also know she is in a better place.  
Roxie put it best when I told her grandma died. "OH thats wonderful she is with Martin and Great Grandpa now."

I am thankful for my parents who came out to help with the kids so I could spend time with Doug while he dealt with the death of his mom. I am thankful Qatar came out because the girls have missed him so much since he left last summer.