Saturday, December 29, 2012

Park Day with the Bremners

Martin, Jake and Roxie

Martin, Jake, Roxie and Lily
Uncle Randy and Martin
While Randy's family was visiting the kids went to the park and played.  AS you can see their favorite toy at the park was a spinner. Now most of the time the kids hang on it as it spins but Uncle Randy put the kids on top and they loved every second of it.
Everyday the Bremners were here Martin would ask when he could play with his cousins.  He loved playing with Jake and had tons of fun.  I was happy to see how well Roxie and Lily played being two princesses. 
I had fun hanging out with Heather and Baby Alyssa (Ok don't be offend I couldn't remember how  her name.)  Alyssa is the sweetest baby and I think I heard her cry maybe twice the whole time they were down.
Christmas Eve we all went to the Mesa AZ Temple lights and as always they were beautiful.  I know Jake and Tyler mentioned several times how it seemed weird to see palm trees with Christmas lights.
I have to admit the one thing I truly miss about Christmas is the snow on the lights and how beautiful it looks. However I do not miss the cold and being wet all the time.
Again we had tons of fun with Heather and Randy and I feel so blessed they came down to enjoy Christmas with Mom and Dad and my little family.

Christmas Morning

Doug building Martin's BayBlades with Roxie playing with her puppy.

After all the presents were opened.

My two Princesses
Christmas Morning at the Wimmers

Zoey's new toy from Aunt Kristi Wimmer

Roxie's Toy Laptop
I wish I had taken more photos but there was so much going on and Zoey wanted me to hold her gifts while she tore into them. 
The morning started off with a wonderful yummy breakfast that Doug made and than each of the kids opened gifts with each one being better than the next down to the stocking candy.
I surprised Doug with a Microsoft Surface. He in turn surprised me with a Coach Bag and Wallet, New boots because mine from 2 years ago fell apart and the New Kindle Fire HD.
Martin was given tons of Lego's, Santa brought Roxie a toy puppy that she calls Carmel Corn which is perfect because her other soft puppy is named Chocolate Butter.  Zoey was given a Cinderella doll, My little Pony and a princess dress up set.
Than Grandma and Pa Bremner Came over with her gifts and gift from Steven's family who had us for Christmas.  Steven's Family gave us tons of games and the kids were so excited every time they opened another game well all expect for Roxie who said "Are we done yet."
The Kids bought Grandpa a tool set and hammer because his was stolen when someone broken into their place last year.  I also bought dad some of his favorite chocolates because after all it isn't Christmas without some kind of chocolate.
Mom and Dad gave me a painting of Mary holding the Christ child which is a painting I have wanted for years but haven't been able to find it. We enjoyed the wonderful gifts from Grandma and pa Bremner.
Later that morning we headed over to the Wimmer for Christmas gifts and again Martin enjoyed Lego's, Roxie loved her laptop toy and Zoey her little car.  Along with the yummy candies Grandpa Wimmer always gives everyone.
Than around 4pm Grandma and pa Bremner along with Randy's family, came over to the Wimmers for Christmas dinner and Thank you to Mom Bremner the HAM was amazing!
After dinner I had Martin come with me and game gave him Blue Gum cigars to announce that Doug and I are having baby boy.
Its was a long day but tons of fun.  I am so grateful for all the family that came down for Christmas and I feel so blessed and loved!
Thank you to Randy and Heather for driving down from Utah to spend Christmas in AZ with Palm Trees and no snow!
I think Martin, Roxie and Zoey will never forget this Christmas. I know I won't it was tons of fun!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Boy or Girl

 We are having a boy May 21st.  I will have ultrasound photos Jan 3rd after my 20 week ultrasound.
So in my ward our of 6 ladies who are having or had babies it is 5 Girls and 1 boy!  I always like to be different!!

We had a wonderful Christmas with tons of family.  My brother Randy and his family came down to spend Christmas with Grandma and pa Bremner and US!  It has been a blast watching the kids play.  Roxie loves Lily and Martin can't stop chasing Jacob around the house.  I wish I had pictures to post but we have all been having so much fun I forget to pull out the camera.

I will fill in the details of this Very Fun Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I have a Secert and I'm not going to tell!

Last Night I was taking dinner to the Startins house in exchanged for an Ultrasound tomorrow and we decided to go ahead with the Ultrasound that night!
Brother Startin is an Ultrasound Tech and runs his own business. He has his portable Ultrasound Machine he brings home every night.  It is a Labtop!  Hahah.
The baby is healthy, the heart is beating and Brother Startin didn't seen anything of concern. To be honest that is the most important part of an Ultrasound knowing the baby is growing and healthy.
Being a Wimmer\Bremner the baby wasn't shy and gave us a full few.  Just like Martin, Roxie and Zoey who really wasn't shy at all.
Now what are we having I guess you will Just have to wait until Christmas with everyone else!

How Many Thinks its a
Or I am Pulling Your Leg and I really don't know.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Camera is on the run!

A few days ago I found a package on our front step it was a basket and I realized someone picked out family to do the 12 days of Christmas.  Every day a gift is from the song 12 days of Christmas.  The first day four pares and a dove candy bar, the next turtle chocolate candy, 3rd a CD, 4th Egg and yesterday they left a box of donuts!  Every night the kids get so excited to open the door and see what was left.  Doug and I enjoy it because it bring such a spirit to Christmas!  I am grateful for whoever chose are family as their secret Santa!

I wish I had pictures of each of the treats but my camera ran away to Doug's work.  I guess it needed a break from the constant picture taking.

The kids are super excited this Christmas because they will have cousins coming down to visit for the holiday!  My brother Randy and his family will be driving down from Utah to spend Christmas with us!  Martin has his room planned and ready for this two boy cousins and Roxie hasn't decided if she wants to share she bedroom yet. 

I hope to have pictures soon!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Wonderful Gift

Over the last few years I have met so many wonderful people.  I love having roots because I find myself truly getting to know the people in my ward.
This last year I have learned I have an amazing family and an amazing ward family with wonderful and loving friends.  I have been so very blessed.  We have our ups and downs and some times it feels like more downs than ups recently but when we love and server others the hard time are still there but they seem to be more mangeable.

During the Christmas Presidency devotional one of the presidency said "We need to be good receivers as well and good givers."  I love to give gifts but I always feel like I can never top the gifts that have been given to me.  So when a wonderful family dropped off an amazing gift I thanked the couple and being Heidi gave tons of hugs!  But than I thought what can I do for the couple to give back.  Than the message popped into my head be a wonderful receiver.  So instead of thinking what can I give to top this beautiful present I took pictures of Zoey on the horse and printed it off with a Thank You Card written and signed by everyone in the family.
 When Brother Hawk dropped of the horse he said "Zoey didn't tell Santa what she wanted and we were worried she wouldn't get anything."  With his sweet smile he placed the rocking horse on the ground and wished us a Marry Christmas. The Hawks Family Christmas Tradition is to make 4 rocking horse and give them away to different families. 
Zoey on her Rocking Horse!
Family isn't what you are born into but people around you who care, love and are there when you need a helping hand.  I have more family around me than I ever thought possible.  I miss my siblings and parents but I have been very blessed to truly have a ward family!

Friday, December 7, 2012

I'm not going to miss being pregnant

I went to see my doctor yesterday for my monthly check up.  The baby had a great heartbeat and the doctor found it fast too.  I told him I was still suffering from nausea but only at night or days when I didn't get much sleep.  He said that was really strange.  Not something a doctor should EVER tell a pregnant lady. 
Thankful it has a cure take pepcid ac!  My doctor thinks it is caused by the stress and acid reflux.
So I have add anti acids to my endless supplies of things to remember to take. Vitamins, anti-nausea,  and now antacids. I hope this works because I really dislike being sick every night around 7pm until I go to bed at 11pm.
The babies heart beat has stayed the same about 155-165.  Now again my doctor reminded me the speed of the heart has nothing to do with the sex of the baby.  My doctor asked me if I was going to find out this time and I said "I have been seeing you for 7 years. Really you think I want to be surprised?"  He laughed and said "Well when woman say this is their last pregnancy they liked to be surprised. Or have you decided to have another baby after this one."  I laughed so hard and said "As far as I know this is the last baby and yes the first question I am going to ask is Boy or girl?" We laughed and I went on my way.  Oh I have only gained 9lbs and I am 16 weeks.  With Zoey I put on 10lbs in one months so I am very happy with the slow weight gain this time.

Normally by now I have an idea of what we are having because of a feeling or a dream but right now I have no idea.  I can't wait to find our because I really need to get my dining room back from the DI piles of girl baby clothes, toys and stuff.
I know Grandma Bremner is hoping for a boy because she bought me a cute little boy outfit and I think she is done making blessing dresses.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Skinny and Normal

Zoey and Martin went in for their yearly check ups.  So Martin is about 6 months late and Zoey about on time.
Martin is in the 50% in height and 50% in weight.  His Doctor thought he was in kindergarten and when he nicely informed him he was in 1st Grade the doctor looked at me and said "Oh we decided to put Martin into Kindergarten at 5?"  I said "Yes. Should I have waited a year?"  She said no and we continued on the check up.  Later on I though it was funny she said "We decided."  When did it become a WE thing between the Doctor and I when Martin entered school?

Next came Zoey who was talking a little and gigging when her brother decided to show the doctor he could jump on one foot and talk.   Than she yelled "You Funny Martin."
Zoey's measurements concerned the doctor because she is 15% in weight and 75% in height.
She wanted me to move Zoey from Almond milk to whole Milk (Fatten up Zoey) and see if her tummy aches, ear infections or anything that had shown up before comes back.  I just looked confused and said "I don't think so we established she is allergic to Milk at 5 weeks and I do not want to go though ear infections again during the Christmas holiday."  The doctor agreed but told me to put Zoey on a fatty\healthy diet.  So how do you get a 2 year old to eat anything more than mashed potatoes, grapes and hot dogs. 
 Here is a picture of Doug if you are wondering where the skinny gene comes from.  He was a skinny kid.

Doug age 3 I think.

Reason Zoey is skinny

A few Christmas Photos

and its Roxie
Dad and the kids

Wimmer Family

The Plane Mom

Trying hard to get everyone to look

Setting up

Martin and Mom

Grandpa Wimmer, Roxie and Martin

Zoey Girl


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving.

Wimmer Family 2012

Last Sunday Kristi Wimmer took some family photos for Grandma Wimmer to send out at Christmas and she took a couple of our little family.  Here is the best one we could find. 
Looking though the photos I have noticed one thing.  I always look tired and guess what I am always tired.  3 kids and pregnant with number 4 makes a mommy very tired but also very blessed.
I am very blessed to have a wonderful husband who makes me laugh, three healthy children who drive me crazy but can be so sweet and loving the next and I am blessed knowing my Father In Heaven loves me so much that he has blessed my life with endless gifts.
  I have so many countless things to be grateful that I can not name them on this page.

I know that my Redeemer lives and has given me the chance to live again with my family for eternity.
I have been given the gift of motherhood and some days I question that gift but most days I embrace it.
I have been married to an amazing Husband for almost 10 years and every day is an adventure.
I have been giving the chance to be in the True Church and I know it is true.
I have three amazing children who without my life would be boring and quite.  With them in my life I have the most amazing adventures.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Doug!

Happy birthday to my Best Friend, The Love of my Life (Next to James Bond;), and the best dad a kid(s) could have.  Thank you for taking this Grand Adventure with me. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I try hard not to talk politics but this is my Blog.

I woke up this morning for hope and change but instead people decided to vote on sweet talking politics again.
4 years ago I could see why everyone want to vote for the current President because he offered something people hadn't really seen before a man who hadn't been in Washington long and he was very young and youthful.  Now 4 years later he keeps saying the same thing it was President Bush's fault for all the economy woes.  I sat and listened to the same thing for 4 years and while I watched my my taxes go up, my health insurance prices go up and the middle class slowly disappear.
  I listened on how he was going to help the middle class and all I have seen is the middle class  disappear not because they were earning more but because they were earning less.
I feel like I was being punished for my family successes.  Good friends lost their jobs and moved to find a better life, or downsized losing their chance for the American Dream because someone else American dream was sending work to China.

Yesterday in AZ people voted against a permanent tax hike because the State Government lied saying it would be used towards school but instead school closed down all over the state and Chandler School district dived into their rainy day fund to save its schools from closing.  It shows what little faith the people have in their government. 
I watched as a woman get voted into the AZ State Legislation last night who said
 "These women who act like staying at home, leeching off their husbands or boyfriends, and just cashing the checks is some sort of feminism because they're choosing to live that life. That's bulls***. I mean, what the f*** are we really talking about here?" 
That's right she is going to represent woman in all stages of life.  I am personally grateful it isn't in my district. In some way I see where the world is headed and I fear for the future but than I watched as someone I grew up with was elected to city council 3rd ward in Austin Mn. Hoping to make a better future for his family.
I am sad, angry but I know that as along as 49% of the population in the US feel the same as I do than change can happen it will only take more time than any of us hoped.

Here is my hope for the next 4 years
1. Stop blaming others for your mistakes. Own them!
2. Make the changes that benefit everyone Upper, Middle, Lower and the poor.  People want to help let them make the choice.
3. Leave my health insurance ALONE!
4. Bring the Hope and Change that you Mr. President promised 4 years ago. Bring the military home to their loved ones.
5. Again stop blaming the former President because you had 4 years to fix the problems.

I hope this country will come together and work in the local, state and federal level to make America great again.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I took the girls and voted today to make my voice heard. I voted for who I felt would do the best job.  The polling place was packed full of men and woman letting their voices be heard.  One grandpa came up to me and said "You are a brave mom to bring your girls with you."  I looked at him and smiled and said "I wanted my girls to know I can make a difference with my voice being heard."  When it comes to state and local elections a few votes can make a difference.  Medical marijuana was passed because a few people didn't see a need to vote that year. They thought it would never have been passed. Ever vote counts!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Not Everyone is Happy On Their Birthday.

I guess not everyone can be happy on their birthday. We all started to sing Zoey but she soon covered her face and started to cry and wouldn't blow out her candles. Once we calmed her down a little Doug lite the candles again and she blew them out on her own candles. She never once touched her doughnut which surprised Doug and I because she loves doughnut but we never allow her to have frosting because it makes such a mess but I figured for this birthday it would be perfect.  Guess not.
 After all the tears she started to get into her birthday and loved opening her wonderful gifts.  A beautiful dress and Ragged Anne doll, balloons, clothes, people toy, blocks and her very own scooter so she will stop taking Roxie's. And of course her piece of America her Hormel Stock.

Zoey has fallen head over heels for her Grandma Bremner.  Every day since they arrived she looks around the house asking for her grandma and papa and when she can't find them she starts to cry.  Than again when they leave the house she starts to cry and I fear when they leave she isn't going to handle it too well.
Zoey is our Big Two Year Old!  Some days I wish for my small baby back but than I realized she never slept so I will take my excellent 2 year old sleeper Zoey girl.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Zoey Girl

Happy Birthday Zoey Girl!  It has been a crazy year and I will can't believe you are two without any broken arms, legs or stitches.
 You are one crazy little girl with a sweet and loving personality.  You love to tease your sister but you will give hugs and kisses to heal a wounded heart. 
Word count
Papa aka Grandpa or Bruce Wills
Thank you

Her favorite sentence is "I'm Sorry." So not true but she says it a lot.
"Chips Please." She says it at lest three times a day and she hears me reply "No Zoey No Chips."
Which she will say "PLEASE Momma!"
I love my Zoey Girl

She made it to 2!!

Welcome Zoey Girl

Zoey's 1st Birthday

Zoey's First Christmas

Sisterly Love

Loves to sit on her head.  Silly Girl

Still not quite sure about swimming

Wanting to play Princess with her sister and friend

Tea Party

Roxie trying to convince her to take a picture.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ward Camp-out Sharp Creek

Doug and I took Martin and Roxie on the ward Camp out to Sharp Creek near Payson Az.  Grandma Wimmer willing took Zoey for the night and boy was I grateful!
We packed the car with 4 sleeping bags, two tents, cot, pad, more junk food than is ever needed, warm hats and gloves along with tons of warm blankets.
Group Camp Site

Roxie going Zipling

Bro. Ray sending Roxie down.

The girls Tent.  Next time I sleep with Martin.

Boy's Tent.

Martin and Gage where running down the hill and Martin hit his knee on the Rock.  To stop the tears Doug said "Martin you knee broke the Rock.  Which Martin replied "Its because of all the Milk I drink." 

The car's Teeth are Chattering from the cold morning.

Hot Chocolate in the cold morning

Roxy Meet Roxie.  The sweetest Dog!!


Martin helping Josie!

Josie "Talking" with Martin

Its official she is flirting with Martin.  JoJo has a little crush on Martin.

Martin Zipling with the AWESOME Hormel hat!  It kept him warm just like it used to keep me warm in MN.
 We had a great time at the ward camp out ate wonderful dutch over blueberry, peach and blackberry cobbler and I think I might want to learn how to use a dutch over.  Watched everyone play horseshoe and enjoyed the smores at night while the young women sang their camp songs. The camp site had bathrooms but due to the smell my amazing husband took the kids to the bathroom for me so I wouldn't dry heave.  He is the best!!!
It might have been cold to most everyone there but I loved the weather.  I loved the trees, smell of the fresh mountain air and explaining to Martin what cow pies! Needless to say he will never touch a cow pie again.
We saw snakes, mice, rollie pollie and more than enough tranchula to last me a life time.
We had a great time and I loved visiting the cold but I loved coming home to my 75 degree night with my little Zoey in my arms!