Thursday, December 20, 2012

I have a Secert and I'm not going to tell!

Last Night I was taking dinner to the Startins house in exchanged for an Ultrasound tomorrow and we decided to go ahead with the Ultrasound that night!
Brother Startin is an Ultrasound Tech and runs his own business. He has his portable Ultrasound Machine he brings home every night.  It is a Labtop!  Hahah.
The baby is healthy, the heart is beating and Brother Startin didn't seen anything of concern. To be honest that is the most important part of an Ultrasound knowing the baby is growing and healthy.
Being a Wimmer\Bremner the baby wasn't shy and gave us a full few.  Just like Martin, Roxie and Zoey who really wasn't shy at all.
Now what are we having I guess you will Just have to wait until Christmas with everyone else!

How Many Thinks its a
Or I am Pulling Your Leg and I really don't know.