Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Wonderful Gift

Over the last few years I have met so many wonderful people.  I love having roots because I find myself truly getting to know the people in my ward.
This last year I have learned I have an amazing family and an amazing ward family with wonderful and loving friends.  I have been so very blessed.  We have our ups and downs and some times it feels like more downs than ups recently but when we love and server others the hard time are still there but they seem to be more mangeable.

During the Christmas Presidency devotional one of the presidency said "We need to be good receivers as well and good givers."  I love to give gifts but I always feel like I can never top the gifts that have been given to me.  So when a wonderful family dropped off an amazing gift I thanked the couple and being Heidi gave tons of hugs!  But than I thought what can I do for the couple to give back.  Than the message popped into my head be a wonderful receiver.  So instead of thinking what can I give to top this beautiful present I took pictures of Zoey on the horse and printed it off with a Thank You Card written and signed by everyone in the family.
 When Brother Hawk dropped of the horse he said "Zoey didn't tell Santa what she wanted and we were worried she wouldn't get anything."  With his sweet smile he placed the rocking horse on the ground and wished us a Marry Christmas. The Hawks Family Christmas Tradition is to make 4 rocking horse and give them away to different families. 
Zoey on her Rocking Horse!
Family isn't what you are born into but people around you who care, love and are there when you need a helping hand.  I have more family around me than I ever thought possible.  I miss my siblings and parents but I have been very blessed to truly have a ward family!

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