Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Camera is on the run!

A few days ago I found a package on our front step it was a basket and I realized someone picked out family to do the 12 days of Christmas.  Every day a gift is from the song 12 days of Christmas.  The first day four pares and a dove candy bar, the next turtle chocolate candy, 3rd a CD, 4th Egg and yesterday they left a box of donuts!  Every night the kids get so excited to open the door and see what was left.  Doug and I enjoy it because it bring such a spirit to Christmas!  I am grateful for whoever chose are family as their secret Santa!

I wish I had pictures of each of the treats but my camera ran away to Doug's work.  I guess it needed a break from the constant picture taking.

The kids are super excited this Christmas because they will have cousins coming down to visit for the holiday!  My brother Randy and his family will be driving down from Utah to spend Christmas with us!  Martin has his room planned and ready for this two boy cousins and Roxie hasn't decided if she wants to share she bedroom yet. 

I hope to have pictures soon!!

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