Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Morning

Doug building Martin's BayBlades with Roxie playing with her puppy.

After all the presents were opened.

My two Princesses
Christmas Morning at the Wimmers

Zoey's new toy from Aunt Kristi Wimmer

Roxie's Toy Laptop
I wish I had taken more photos but there was so much going on and Zoey wanted me to hold her gifts while she tore into them. 
The morning started off with a wonderful yummy breakfast that Doug made and than each of the kids opened gifts with each one being better than the next down to the stocking candy.
I surprised Doug with a Microsoft Surface. He in turn surprised me with a Coach Bag and Wallet, New boots because mine from 2 years ago fell apart and the New Kindle Fire HD.
Martin was given tons of Lego's, Santa brought Roxie a toy puppy that she calls Carmel Corn which is perfect because her other soft puppy is named Chocolate Butter.  Zoey was given a Cinderella doll, My little Pony and a princess dress up set.
Than Grandma and Pa Bremner Came over with her gifts and gift from Steven's family who had us for Christmas.  Steven's Family gave us tons of games and the kids were so excited every time they opened another game well all expect for Roxie who said "Are we done yet."
The Kids bought Grandpa a tool set and hammer because his was stolen when someone broken into their place last year.  I also bought dad some of his favorite chocolates because after all it isn't Christmas without some kind of chocolate.
Mom and Dad gave me a painting of Mary holding the Christ child which is a painting I have wanted for years but haven't been able to find it. We enjoyed the wonderful gifts from Grandma and pa Bremner.
Later that morning we headed over to the Wimmer for Christmas gifts and again Martin enjoyed Lego's, Roxie loved her laptop toy and Zoey her little car.  Along with the yummy candies Grandpa Wimmer always gives everyone.
Than around 4pm Grandma and pa Bremner along with Randy's family, came over to the Wimmers for Christmas dinner and Thank you to Mom Bremner the HAM was amazing!
After dinner I had Martin come with me and game gave him Blue Gum cigars to announce that Doug and I are having baby boy.
Its was a long day but tons of fun.  I am so grateful for all the family that came down for Christmas and I feel so blessed and loved!
Thank you to Randy and Heather for driving down from Utah to spend Christmas in AZ with Palm Trees and no snow!
I think Martin, Roxie and Zoey will never forget this Christmas. I know I won't it was tons of fun!

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