Monday, April 29, 2013

Baby Cousins

Kristi and Heidi Pregnant
 April 22nd Kristi and her husband Jeremy came out to family dinner on Sunday.  Mom couldn't help but want to take pictures of the two pregnant ladies.  Kristi is having a baby boy due August 13th and I am due May 21st with a baby boy.
Since this photo I have had three to four crazy days of false labor which had me almost ready to head to the hospital before the contractions just stopped. 
I'm not due for three weeks but since I have had all my babies early the doctor said it could be today or in the next three weeks.  Last week my doctor said I was 1cm dilated and 70-80% effaced. So who knows!
 I wouldn't mind going to term if it wasn't for the random false labor and leave me so tired I just want to sleep my days away.

On the positive I have been blessed to have such an amazing ward family.  I have a list of several families who will come day or night to watch the kids and some who said they would leave their cell phones on just in case they are needed.  As funny as it sounds I have a list of people I can call if I go into labor in the middle of the night.  Mom and dad are here so they are number one on the list.  However mom said "Call one of them and we will stop by in the morning to take over."  I feel so very blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family around me during this exciting and tiresome time. 

Mom and Dad are heading back to Mn after the 31st of May and I have two very said kids and  I think they are praying Hudson comes on his due date so they can have as much time with their Grandma and papa as possible.  Zoey and Martin are going to have a hard time seeing mom and dad leave.  Although I keep telling him they will be back in August for the babies blessing.

For anyone who wants to come we will be blessing the baby August 4th or at lest the first fast Sunday in August.  Now I have given everyone plenty of notice. :)

Baby Bumps

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter

No one want to look at the Camera at the same time.

The best we could do! 8 Months Pregnant.  Doug said we needed to record that I was pregnant. I guess I can't avoid the camera forever but I will try.

Yes those are weeds but the girls loves call them flowers

I have no idea what she is doing but it cracks me up.

My little miss Cuddles

She can be so silly some times
Happy Easter!
8 months pregnant and can't wait to meet little Hudson!  Yup we finally decided on a first name but the middle name is still a battle.  Doug didn't like my suggestion to go with something different like Arrow or Balthazar.  Martin likes Hudson John, Doug has suggested Hudson Lamon and personally I want something fun!  This is the last Wimmer from this household.

I wish I could say the next few weeks will be a cake walk but honestly its going to be long because my nausea is back and I seem to have contractions at lest 4 an hour for 1\2 the day or longer and it wears me out.  Like all pregnant women sleep is not an option so I have spent the last few night reading and rereading different books on my kindle and kept up with current events.

My calling is the only thing that keeps me from going a little crazy.  Even though the last two weeks and the next few weeks are very busy with Doug and his calling and me with family, calling and doctors appointments and all that fun stuff.

I know this will sound really silly but I love movies and I find them so relaxing and this May has several movies I can't wait to see; starting with Iron Man 3 May 3rd, The Great Gatsby on the 10th and than last but no least Star Trek Into Darkness May 17th. 
So I have decided this little guy can not come until after the 17th because otherwise I will never see these movies until released on bluray.  (Due Date May21st.) 

Quick Run Down Martin came at 36 weeks, Roxie came 3days early and Zoey came a week early. So my chances of seeing Star Trek do not look good but who knows maybe with all the screaming in the house he might want to hide out a little longer.

Grandma and Papa Bremner sold their Condo here in AZ and will be heading back to MN after the baby is born.
 I know two very little people who are going to miss them terribly.  Zoey loves her Grandma and today I was driving home from a quick trip to Target and all Zoey kept saying was "I want my Grandma.  I need my grandma." With tears flowing down her face.  
Martin when we told him they were not going to be coming back next fall tears started but he tired very hard to enjoy what time he last left with them.  Roxie however is another story and I hope what has been going on is because of all the changes going on.   She has gotten out of hand and some days spends quite a bit of time in time out or her bed room.

Other upcoming events in the Wimmer household Qatar is coming to live with us this summer and work for Doug.  Martin is super excited and no matter how many times we have mention Qatar is a teen he doesn't care its a cousin. 

We are planning on blessing the baby August 4th if any family members want to brave the heat.