Monday, April 29, 2013

Baby Cousins

Kristi and Heidi Pregnant
 April 22nd Kristi and her husband Jeremy came out to family dinner on Sunday.  Mom couldn't help but want to take pictures of the two pregnant ladies.  Kristi is having a baby boy due August 13th and I am due May 21st with a baby boy.
Since this photo I have had three to four crazy days of false labor which had me almost ready to head to the hospital before the contractions just stopped. 
I'm not due for three weeks but since I have had all my babies early the doctor said it could be today or in the next three weeks.  Last week my doctor said I was 1cm dilated and 70-80% effaced. So who knows!
 I wouldn't mind going to term if it wasn't for the random false labor and leave me so tired I just want to sleep my days away.

On the positive I have been blessed to have such an amazing ward family.  I have a list of several families who will come day or night to watch the kids and some who said they would leave their cell phones on just in case they are needed.  As funny as it sounds I have a list of people I can call if I go into labor in the middle of the night.  Mom and dad are here so they are number one on the list.  However mom said "Call one of them and we will stop by in the morning to take over."  I feel so very blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family around me during this exciting and tiresome time. 

Mom and Dad are heading back to Mn after the 31st of May and I have two very said kids and  I think they are praying Hudson comes on his due date so they can have as much time with their Grandma and papa as possible.  Zoey and Martin are going to have a hard time seeing mom and dad leave.  Although I keep telling him they will be back in August for the babies blessing.

For anyone who wants to come we will be blessing the baby August 4th or at lest the first fast Sunday in August.  Now I have given everyone plenty of notice. :)

Baby Bumps

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