Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Clothes + Diaper + Nap

Today I put Zoey down for her nap so I could get things done in the house but after 30 mins Zoey started to yell for dada and I decided since she wasn't upset enough to yell for me maybe she would go back to sleep. After an hour of shouting off and on I went to get her. I opened the door to a very naked baby girl. Zoey some how took off her dress, cover and the diaper and was standing naked in her bed laughing. I was laughing to because she was so proud of herself and I was grateful it was only pee in the bed and not poop. I always thought Roxie was our naked baby but she never stripped off all of her clothes expect once. Zoey does it all the time unless she is wear a onese and sometimes I find her onses down around her waist.

Monday, January 30, 2012

11pm last night BOOM


Last night Doug and I were getting read for bed and we hear what sound like a explosion or a boom. We went outside and didn't see anything near us but about 1 mile away we saw smoke. Than woke up to find out a house exploded and burned to the ground. In our area of Chandler there isn't natural gas lines so a house exploding is pretty strange.
Its crazy because were we live in Chandler is really quite and it was quite a shock. Thankful no one was killed.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wonderful Birthday

Yesterday I turn the magical 33 years old. I decided to enjoy this birthday because next year I won't have one since the Mayan Calendar ends and so does the world. OK so I really don't believe the world is coming to an end.
I spent most of the morning and afternoon with the kids because a mothers job is never done. I drop the kiddo off at Grandma Wimmers and came homes to a wonderful surprise beautiful flowers. Than Doug took me to South Mountain to enjoy some peace and quite. It is such a beautiful place because you can see the entire valley. I love living here in Phoenix and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.
Doug than took me shopping at H&M for some new clothes because like Martin he was sick of seeing me in my holey jeans. Than off to dinner at my favorite restaurant Charleston. He wanted to pick up dinner and than drive to Fountain Hills for a night time picnic but time was running out and we rented a movie instead. It was a wonderful night and I enjoyed every second.
The kids also gave me birthday presents: A light for my Kindle, a pretty necklace and a cup that is made for washing little heads.
The President was in town and traffic was really heavy because they shut down whole sections of the freeway during rush hour.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Yup the Stomach Flu Hits Again

Sunday I woke up with no voice from a nasty cold that my sweet Roxie decided to share with me. I spent most of dinner teasing Doug that he got me sick not Roxie so he wouldn't have to do anything for my birthday on Wednesday.
1am arrives and I woke up coughing and found Martin laying on my floor and says his tummy hurts. I went to get Advil in hopes he will go back to sleep and with in seconds he starts to toss his cookies. Than 2am arrives and Roxie starts to have issues from both ends.
I have a sweetest husband because he took Martin and I took Roxie. Finally around 6am Roxie starts to slow down long enough to sleep but Martin was still losing his everything left in his tummy.

I can't seem to figure out what the kids got into that Doug and I both missed out on (VERY happy to have missed it.) I swear my house is clean because every since Roxie got sick once a week with stomach flu I made sure to have a clean house.
I forget to mention that Zoey is very Happy. She has been so happy and such a delight even with the slightly runny diapers she has started to have.

I have no idea why the font is so big.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life Lessons number 312 is how many lessons I have learned with Zoey so far

I will admit I have let each of the kids teeth on cold Ketchup packets like these and never thought anything expect how happy they are.
Zoey has 6 little teeth and is very very slowly cutting number 7. She has been a little fuss so I have been giving her frozen Waffles and other cold items that are around the house. Wednesday I was waiting in my car to pick up Martin. I like to line up with all the other Mom's and Dads because I can get a peaceful 40 mins of reading because the girls are locked in their seats. Zoey was fussy because of the new tooth and I decided to hand her a ketchup packet like I have done so many times before.
Now I can't see her because she is rear facing still because of the new guidelines for car seats.
All of a sudden she starts to get upset again and I decided to get out of the car to see what happened. I opened the door to a completely red face and hands little girl. I just stared because I couldn't figure out what was all over her. Than I remember the ketchup and I start to hunt for the packet where I found it completely empty behind her back.
I look at the packet and than at her and realize she cut a large hole with her teeth and sucked out all the ketchup.
Now a few months earlier she had done the same thing to her bottom cream destine. I wasn't home at the time I only got the after math of Doug calling poison control and cleaning a very pastie face Zoey.

I think I have learned my lesson: It doesn't matter how many teeth a child has they are sharp and can poke though anything.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sleep? When will I ever sleep again?

Zoey has been sleeping though the night for less than a month but it had been heavenly. During that time I couldn't sleep at all. I was up 4 times during the night and some nights I couldn't fall asleep.
Roxie has been great potty training but she only goes potty when she wants to pee and no one can tell her when its time to pee. Since we started potty training she wakes up about 2-3 times at night screaming and crying because she needs to pee and is afraid of wetting her bed. Guess who gets up? That right it me.
I am back to getting up 2-3 times at night to put a very upset little girl on the potty. I am beginning to think I might just sleep in her bed at lest than I won't get the starling screaming wake up.
When will I ever sleep again? I just started to work out again and I need sleep otherwise I can't workout because I am so tired I barely make it 20 mins before I need to end. I like to work out for 1 1\2. That being said I get stopped about ever 5-10 mins so Roxie can pee or because she needs something to drink or Zoey is screaming for something so when I say 1 1\2 I really mean 45 mins of actual working out the rest is spent helping my little ones.

What is sleep?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Random Moments in the house of Crazies

Zoey has been getting chubby which means she is due for a growth spurt. Yes for my family she has chubby cheeks.

Today Roxie dumped out all the wipes out of the box and started to run around the house. Yes she ran into the wall several times and I couldn't help but laugh. She has a box on her head.

I do have a picture of Roxie sitting on the potty reading a book but decided better not post the picture because at some point in her life she will be a teenager and that is when I will pull out the embarrassing photos. For some reason my kids feel they need to be completely naked when potty training. WHY?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Working out

I have decided its time to lose the last 10lbs of baby weight. After all she is now 14 months old and I really do not have an excuses not to exercise. For Christmas my Father In Law gave me the game Your Shape 2012. (It was one my Christmas list)
All I can say is WOW I'm out of shape. This week I have been so sore and I swear I have muscle I didn't know even were there. My favorite part of the game is the Kick Boxing work out because I feel like it works the core of the body the best and than the Yoga because it is so relaxing until my 3 year old shouts "I HAVE TO PEE NOW!"
It has been the best workout system I have ever used because it give you reads rewards or badges. It also has a running area where you can run New York City and other parts of the world. It also has dance programs, Arms, Abs, Butt Legs and then your typical cradio, than running around the world, several programs done by Gunnar Peterson. Each section has any where from three to 6 area to master. Ranging from 1min to 35 mins in the different areas. I love this game!!
Like I said I have never been so sore in my life. I thought I was in shape but not even close.
Here's hoping for a healthy new year and lost of 10lbs. I also hope to starter eating better and getting out of the house more with the girls. We live in the backyard or inside the house because I have been so tired lately but not any more.

So here are my goals for his year
1. Try and get the laundry all done on the same day.
2. Change my eating to healthier and working out to have energy
3. Be a happier me
4. Don't worry about the little stuff
5. Enjoy the kids. I feel like I have been so stressed out about Martin and school that I haven't be playing with the girls enough or at lest Zoey.

Those are a few of my goals I hope to make permanent in my life.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Martin's Grade Report

Martin's grades are in for the last two quarters and he is doing really well in school. He meets all the standards that is required (MS) but where I am most proud is his behaviors. He received E (Excellent) for Self-Discipline, accepts responsibility, Is courteous and respects the rules, rights, property and others. It makes me feel so good as a mom to know he is well behaved. Now if we could only work on his time management skills I would be like Mom Of The Year.
According to the report he loves Math and for the first time I will admit THAT DOESN'T"T COME FROM ME.
He is reading beautifully when he wants to but he also proclaims it is too hard. His favorite books are Word Bird because he can read them on his own.

Potty Trainning and Sweets

Day four of potty training and so far we are very successful. One little accident last night but I would still count all of this successful. I figured we will work on potty training during the day and figure out night training next week. Whenever she goes number 1 she get one redvine and when she goes number 2 she gets two. This morning she went 1 and 2 at the same time and came up to me saying " I Peed and Pooped at the same time does that mean I get three red vines?" I was pretty proud of her and she ran off to the bathroom by herself to go potty. I gave in and gave her three.
Roxie seems to be enjoying using the potty but I wonder how she is going to feel once we take away the treats? I will worry about when the time comes.
I can say mu poor house has taken a hit because we have been so forced on the potty nothing else really gets done. Thankful everyone goes down pretty early and I can get a few things done before bed at night. Even with the few accidents Roxie hasn't ask to go back in her diapers.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Potty Training

I know the second I write this I will jink everything Roxie has been working on. Roxie is finally using the toilet and the happier news Roxie is using the big potty. Roxie has been waking up with dry diaper since Disneyland and well I am sick of changing two little girls yuckie diapers every day.
I decided Monday morning I would put Roxie on the little potty and sure enough she LOVED IT! The first day she didn't have any accidents but that night we decided to put her in a pull up and thankful we did because she ended up wetting. Today we have only had one accident and she pooped in the potty both day. Now that may not sound like much but we had a really hard time getting Martin to poop in the potty.
The best part about potty training is the interesting conversations.
Roxie: Mom is the big potty going to eat me?
Mom: No.
Roxie: Are you use? because it is has a mouth.
MOM: Roxie yes I am sure the potty isn't going to get you. It doesn't have a mouth it is a lid to keep Zoey from falling in the toilet.
Roxie: OK. Can I flush the toilet?
Mom: Yes you can flush the toilet.
Roxie: I don't think so you can flush my poop down. Thank you mom.

Monday, January 9, 2012

My Review of Himalayan Salt

For Christmas Doug bought me Himalayan salt and a rock lamp to help with my migraines because they have been awful since Zoey stopped nursing. I was in so much pain I was taking at lest 8 advil a day and the pain was still there. I didn't want to take anything prescription medication because so far none of them have helped and even some have made the migraines worse.
It hasn't been quite a month yet and I have taken the salt almost everyday. I have had very few migraines and the days I had my migraines where the days I didn't take the salt. One day I had my normal aura and instead of taking advil I took my salt and I didn't get the migraine. I wasn't a believer that this stuff would work but I thought it wouldn't make things worse.

Now I know most of you are thinking all you did was increase your water intake and that is what kept the migraines away. I can answer that I haven't increased my water intake and the day I was in Disneyland with a migraine I was drinking tons of water.
I take my salt in the morning with water and I have enjoyed pain free days. Its not perfect and some days no matter what I do I have a migraine but instead of a migraine every day I have might have one once a week and sometimes once every two weeks.
It never hurts to try something new.

Its Impossible to get them to stand still

Aunt Kristi Wimmer bought the girls Christmas dress and it was a fight to get them into the dresses and a fight to get a pretty picture of them together. Roxie didn't want to wear it because it wasn't pink and Zoey didn't want to get dressed at all. (Including Diaper) So after many many tears and chasing the crazy ones around here is a few pictures.

I laughed so hard I cried. She gets me



I never laughed so hard!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Few Highlights from 2011

Christmas Temple Lights

Family LoveChristmas

Sisters playing
saying good bye to an old friend
first day of school
first bike
first birthday
Last Day Of Preschool
Baby Root Canal
Growing up
First Hair Cut

So much happened this year I am not sure where to start or end. Here are a few pictures of our wonderful and amazing year. I feel so blessed and loved by my Father in Heaven each and every day. We had a Graduation from College and Preschool, First Bike, first birthday, first baby root canal (hopeful no more) first day of school, and first hair cut. Happy and sad good bye to my first car. Many fun days of playing at parks and at home. We are so very blessed to have a healthy (depending on the day) happy family and Doug has a wonderful job. I know this year will bring many first each as wonderful, crazy and scary as the next.

Who Doesn't Love Sandra Boynton

I have been reading books to Zoey but she hasn't seemed very interested in them until I started to read Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton. Now I have to read that book at lest 6 or 7 times in an hour.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tower of Terror

Proof my 5 year old went on Tower of Terror. I will say he doesn't look happy but he said he MIGHT want to go on it again.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

heading home!!! We all had tons of fun and can't wait to go back.
Lunch Time
Again waiting in line
Roxie woke up and wanted to head to the park in her Castle P.J's
Just waiting in line with Zoey. She has become such a ham.
Waiting 30 mins for the Haunted Mansion. Again not a Favorite of Roxie and Martin but Zoey liked it until a ghost popped up in front of us.
Waiting around while the big kids and adults rode other rides
Waiting 20mins for Pirates. Roxie and Martin didn't enjoy the ride it was too dark

Roxie was so excited to meet Pluto

Meeting Goofy

Disneyland New Years

Meeting Mickey Mouse. Zoey wasn't so sure she wanted to meet him.
Waiting for Mickey Mouse to arrive
Waiting in line at the Haunted Mansion
Finally arrived at Disneyland
Roxie sitting in Mickey Mouses Chair