Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Potty Training

I know the second I write this I will jink everything Roxie has been working on. Roxie is finally using the toilet and the happier news Roxie is using the big potty. Roxie has been waking up with dry diaper since Disneyland and well I am sick of changing two little girls yuckie diapers every day.
I decided Monday morning I would put Roxie on the little potty and sure enough she LOVED IT! The first day she didn't have any accidents but that night we decided to put her in a pull up and thankful we did because she ended up wetting. Today we have only had one accident and she pooped in the potty both day. Now that may not sound like much but we had a really hard time getting Martin to poop in the potty.
The best part about potty training is the interesting conversations.
Roxie: Mom is the big potty going to eat me?
Mom: No.
Roxie: Are you use? because it is has a mouth.
MOM: Roxie yes I am sure the potty isn't going to get you. It doesn't have a mouth it is a lid to keep Zoey from falling in the toilet.
Roxie: OK. Can I flush the toilet?
Mom: Yes you can flush the toilet.
Roxie: I don't think so you can flush my poop down. Thank you mom.

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  1. Potty training is the worst! I'm so glad Lily is trained. I have at least a few diaper free months before the baby comes.