Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Roxie Meets Her Princess

I'm skipping a head of a few things but I wanted to post pictures of Roxie meeting Rapunzel. I also want to add I love my daughter because I stood for an hour in line waiting for Meet and Greet while everyone else rode the different rides. Rapunzel didn't start until 11am and I figured since the day before we had tired and it was 75 min wait. So I stood in line at 10am wanting Roxie to be the first person Rapunzel saw that morning.


  1. It takes all kinds of sacrifices to be a Mom!! But all these sacrifices are called LOVE

  2. That night as we were going to bed Roxie whispered to be "Mom Rapunzel knew my name." She had such a HUGE smile and I knew at that second it was totally worth it.