Friday, January 6, 2012

Few Highlights from 2011

Christmas Temple Lights

Family LoveChristmas

Sisters playing
saying good bye to an old friend
first day of school
first bike
first birthday
Last Day Of Preschool
Baby Root Canal
Growing up
First Hair Cut

So much happened this year I am not sure where to start or end. Here are a few pictures of our wonderful and amazing year. I feel so blessed and loved by my Father in Heaven each and every day. We had a Graduation from College and Preschool, First Bike, first birthday, first baby root canal (hopeful no more) first day of school, and first hair cut. Happy and sad good bye to my first car. Many fun days of playing at parks and at home. We are so very blessed to have a healthy (depending on the day) happy family and Doug has a wonderful job. I know this year will bring many first each as wonderful, crazy and scary as the next.

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