Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wonderful Birthday

Yesterday I turn the magical 33 years old. I decided to enjoy this birthday because next year I won't have one since the Mayan Calendar ends and so does the world. OK so I really don't believe the world is coming to an end.
I spent most of the morning and afternoon with the kids because a mothers job is never done. I drop the kiddo off at Grandma Wimmers and came homes to a wonderful surprise beautiful flowers. Than Doug took me to South Mountain to enjoy some peace and quite. It is such a beautiful place because you can see the entire valley. I love living here in Phoenix and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.
Doug than took me shopping at H&M for some new clothes because like Martin he was sick of seeing me in my holey jeans. Than off to dinner at my favorite restaurant Charleston. He wanted to pick up dinner and than drive to Fountain Hills for a night time picnic but time was running out and we rented a movie instead. It was a wonderful night and I enjoyed every second.
The kids also gave me birthday presents: A light for my Kindle, a pretty necklace and a cup that is made for washing little heads.
The President was in town and traffic was really heavy because they shut down whole sections of the freeway during rush hour.

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