Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pink Princess Super Girl and her Arch Nemesis Zoey

The Arch Nemesis Zoey

Every time I said "Papa" she would turn around and smile. (Papa means Grandpa)

Pink Princess Super Girl Roxie

Trying to fly

Trying to be the perfect Super Hero.  Funny Note in the Movie Incredible they didn't give them capes because all super Accidents.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Martin and his Dad Talking about School

Dad: So how school?
Martin: Good.
Dad: Did you make any friends?
Martin: Yes
Dad: What are their Names?
Martin: Travis and Chris
Dad: Why are their your friends
Martin: Because Chris thinks he is funny and he makes me laugh and Travis has cool glasses.
Dad: Do you like any girls?
Martin: YES. Langley and Miranda.
Dad: Why do you like them? Are they Pretty?
Martin: Miranda is pretty but she is serious. 
Dad: What is she serious about?
Martin: School.  She is pretty but serious.
Dad: What do you like about Langley?
Martin: She is pretty and she likes to play.
Dad: Do you like your teacher?
Martin: I don't know yet but she is pretty too.

At lest he talks to his dad.  Same conversation but earlier in the day.

Mom: How was school?
Martin: Ok
Mom: Did you make new friends
Martin: Yes
Mom: What are their names
Martin: I forgot.
Mom: Do you like your teacher?
Martin: Maybe tomorrow I will like her.

Monday, July 23, 2012

1st Grade! Ready Or Not!!

Trying to get a picture with Either Martins eyes open or Doug's eyes open was impossible.
Today is Martin's first day of school and with that comes tons of nerves.  Thursday was meet and greet the teacher Ms. Jaramillo but the sad news is not one Martin's friends from last year are in his class.  So this morning I walked Martin to school and he wanted me to stay until it was time to line up.  He wouldn't talk to anyone and just stood around.  Thankful one of the girls from church is in his class so he knows someone.  Oh it didn't help that I made Martin walk to school in the heat (98 at 8am) he was not a happy camper.
After talking with several other mom's I have realized how blessed I am to stay at home.
Zoey for the last two hours has wondered around the house looking for her Mar and Roxie keep asking when Martin is coming home.
I just pray he has the best day.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dust Storm and Other Random Photos

Yesterday the kids and I were swimmer at Grandma and pa Wimmer and I decided it was time to head home because there was a dust storm warning.  It took me 30 mins to get the kids packed into the car so my hopes of missing the dust storm went with the wind ;)
Were made it to Southern and Lindsay before it became so dark and the wind was so strong I almost decided to pull over and wait for it to pass.  At one point I couldn't see the car in front of me the dust was so thick.  Chandler airport (5 miles from my house) reported 53 wind speed.  According to the news station this wasn't nearly as bad as July 5th last year but it was huge and it covered the entire valley.  Here is a few videos of the storm coming in
Watch the Video its amazing to watch.

Martin View of the Dust storm. Just past Broadway and Lindsay.  That is one mile between this picture and the next picture.

My view of the Dust Storm

Just as we were leaving the Wimmers

Silly Kids

I can't buy just one of anything without 2 other little ones getting upset.  Thankful School is starting soon because all swimming items are going on sale.

Birthday Cupcakes

Hello Cupcake Cookbook

I made these for LaRae Wimmer Birthday.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Jambo Indoor Amusement Park

Grandma on the rollercoaster

The kids only wanted to ride it over and over again!!

Roxie wanted the pink car but Zoey claimed it first.

Instead of the Pink Car she picked the Motorcycle.

Martin let Roxie fly the space ship.

She loved riding the pink horse

After a day of playing and swimming...Roxie was ready for bed.
LaRae bought 4 ticket to Jambo Park on Groupons for the kids.  Martin and Roxie thought they had hit the jackpot of fun, Zoey on the other hand wasn't so sure she liked the place until 5 mins before we were going to leave.  The kids had fun and that is all that matters.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Chapter 1 Finished Only 9 More to Go

I have been reading this book called Photographing Children Photo Workshop.  I have been wanting to start taking my kids photos after our last family photo experience.
Chapter 1 The Art of Photographing Children.
At the end of each chapter it gives the reader an assignment.
Chapter 1 Assignment Reflect Your Style of Photography. (Still trying to figure that out)

Martin and the Rain!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

More MartiRainy Day Pictures

Martin Guiding Zoey into the Big Puddle

See It Does Rain in Arizona

Its hard to make out but the Road turned into a River.  It rained for 30mis hard and off and on for 1 hour.

They had so much fun but when it stopped raining everyone came in for Bath time.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

We Love the Rain!!!

I hope this Friendship Last into Teens.

Martin Jumping in the backyard Rain Puddle

Roxie Jumping in the puddle

Zoey's Turn in the Puddle

I know it is bury but I just love that lip!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I get asked this question a lot

Question: What do you do when it is 110+ outside?
  Answer: We Swim

Roxie in her Pink Swim Suit, Her pink Tub and her Pink Nail polish.

Zoey doesn't look like it but she is the first on out the door to swim

Martin loves going under water.

Trying to get Zoey used to the pool.  Thankful for two girls Zoey is wearing Roxie's Old swim suit!

Again Roxie in her Pink Tub and Her Princess Arm floats.  I'm So grateful for the dollar store!!

She loves going down the slide and the driving board.

Roxie wearing Aunt Kristi W Hat

Here are some fun pictures of the kids swimming.

Thank you to Kristi Wimmer because she has a water proof Camera which we all had tons of fun playing with.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Small Projects Finished

This is what happens if you leave butter on your counter on a day of 114 outside and your house is set at 81.

Yesterday 114, Today 114 and tomorrow 110.  With the heat creeping back to normal temperatures I have been trying to find projects for me and the kids.  So far I am the only one to complete my projects without complaining. My photo program sorts pictures by date and it was driving my nuts because some days we would have 1 photo and other days we would have 75 photos.  I set down and separated them by Month, Year and special occasions ie 4th of July, baby blessings ect.

I have been thinking about going back to school and getting a degree as a paralegal.  After all if something happened to Doug I would like to be able to fall back on a career not just a job.
  I have talked to a few paralegals and they were very sweet and helpful.  Most of them started off as file clerks and than earned enough money to go to paralegal school.  For Mom and Dad I am not looking to go back to school for at lest 2 years because I need to save money and I want to make sure everything is settle down with the transfer of Missionary Store. (Still happening just family of owner  all want to be involved with the decision making process)
 Than I finally organized Martin's Lego's.  He doesn't have a lot but he has enough to make Space Shuttle, Large boat, small Boat, helicopter, and several other small cars.  I separated out the Lego's into Ziploc bags by colors and Lego people and non Lego blocks get their own bag.  Than I put the bags into plastic container.  Than in another container I put all the books so they wouldn't get lost or destroyed by little hands.  Each box has a green lid for Martin and Roxie's toys have pink lids.
   On Sunday a sister asked me how I keep track of Martin's Lego's and I explained to her what I had done and the next thing I know several sisters wants me to teach a Thursday Night Lesson on organization toys, financial papers and house.  I laughed but than Doug reminded me I am very good at organizing other people just not myself.  I was paid pretty good to keep an office in order for 3 years but our house was never organized until just recently.

Small projects done with 3 kids home and one 20 month old who only wants to hang on mommy.
1. Lego's
2. Family Photo's on the computer
3. Info on paralegal
4. Organized physical pictures
Now I just need to work on:
1. Zoey's room
2. Roxie's Room
3. My bedroom
4. Paint the upstairs hallway (1\2 way done.)
How can you not smile!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Zoey's First Hair Cut

ZOEY'S First Hair Cut!!!  Zoey has these curls at the end of her hair and I love how sweet they look and it took all my strength to have my friend Karen to cut off those curls.  I might never see them again.  Doug has wavy hair hair and I have bone straight so the chances of our kids having curls is very slim.  Oh well.

Zoey's New thing. She carries around the pink ball and sippy cup.

Best picture I could get of the back of her head.

After her cut.

I'm hoping I was able to save some curls.