Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dust Storm and Other Random Photos

Yesterday the kids and I were swimmer at Grandma and pa Wimmer and I decided it was time to head home because there was a dust storm warning.  It took me 30 mins to get the kids packed into the car so my hopes of missing the dust storm went with the wind ;)
Were made it to Southern and Lindsay before it became so dark and the wind was so strong I almost decided to pull over and wait for it to pass.  At one point I couldn't see the car in front of me the dust was so thick.  Chandler airport (5 miles from my house) reported 53 wind speed.  According to the news station this wasn't nearly as bad as July 5th last year but it was huge and it covered the entire valley.  Here is a few videos of the storm coming in
Watch the Video its amazing to watch.

Martin View of the Dust storm. Just past Broadway and Lindsay.  That is one mile between this picture and the next picture.

My view of the Dust Storm

Just as we were leaving the Wimmers

Silly Kids

I can't buy just one of anything without 2 other little ones getting upset.  Thankful School is starting soon because all swimming items are going on sale.

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