Monday, July 23, 2012

1st Grade! Ready Or Not!!

Trying to get a picture with Either Martins eyes open or Doug's eyes open was impossible.
Today is Martin's first day of school and with that comes tons of nerves.  Thursday was meet and greet the teacher Ms. Jaramillo but the sad news is not one Martin's friends from last year are in his class.  So this morning I walked Martin to school and he wanted me to stay until it was time to line up.  He wouldn't talk to anyone and just stood around.  Thankful one of the girls from church is in his class so he knows someone.  Oh it didn't help that I made Martin walk to school in the heat (98 at 8am) he was not a happy camper.
After talking with several other mom's I have realized how blessed I am to stay at home.
Zoey for the last two hours has wondered around the house looking for her Mar and Roxie keep asking when Martin is coming home.
I just pray he has the best day.


  1. I am sure he will come home having LOVED it!

  2. Martin informed me he isn't sure about 1st grade and might want to skip to 2nd grade.
    The teach had to talk to him several times about being distracted. The good new he has a new friend and I think he will enjoy 1st grade.