Thursday, July 12, 2012

I get asked this question a lot

Question: What do you do when it is 110+ outside?
  Answer: We Swim

Roxie in her Pink Swim Suit, Her pink Tub and her Pink Nail polish.

Zoey doesn't look like it but she is the first on out the door to swim

Martin loves going under water.

Trying to get Zoey used to the pool.  Thankful for two girls Zoey is wearing Roxie's Old swim suit!

Again Roxie in her Pink Tub and Her Princess Arm floats.  I'm So grateful for the dollar store!!

She loves going down the slide and the driving board.

Roxie wearing Aunt Kristi W Hat

Here are some fun pictures of the kids swimming.

Thank you to Kristi Wimmer because she has a water proof Camera which we all had tons of fun playing with.


  1. After playing with Kristi W Camera and all the fun pictures she took I am almost convinced to buying a waterproof digital Camera.