Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Small Projects Finished

This is what happens if you leave butter on your counter on a day of 114 outside and your house is set at 81.

Yesterday 114, Today 114 and tomorrow 110.  With the heat creeping back to normal temperatures I have been trying to find projects for me and the kids.  So far I am the only one to complete my projects without complaining. My photo program sorts pictures by date and it was driving my nuts because some days we would have 1 photo and other days we would have 75 photos.  I set down and separated them by Month, Year and special occasions ie 4th of July, baby blessings ect.

I have been thinking about going back to school and getting a degree as a paralegal.  After all if something happened to Doug I would like to be able to fall back on a career not just a job.
  I have talked to a few paralegals and they were very sweet and helpful.  Most of them started off as file clerks and than earned enough money to go to paralegal school.  For Mom and Dad I am not looking to go back to school for at lest 2 years because I need to save money and I want to make sure everything is settle down with the transfer of Missionary Store. (Still happening just family of owner  all want to be involved with the decision making process)
 Than I finally organized Martin's Lego's.  He doesn't have a lot but he has enough to make Space Shuttle, Large boat, small Boat, helicopter, and several other small cars.  I separated out the Lego's into Ziploc bags by colors and Lego people and non Lego blocks get their own bag.  Than I put the bags into plastic container.  Than in another container I put all the books so they wouldn't get lost or destroyed by little hands.  Each box has a green lid for Martin and Roxie's toys have pink lids.
   On Sunday a sister asked me how I keep track of Martin's Lego's and I explained to her what I had done and the next thing I know several sisters wants me to teach a Thursday Night Lesson on organization toys, financial papers and house.  I laughed but than Doug reminded me I am very good at organizing other people just not myself.  I was paid pretty good to keep an office in order for 3 years but our house was never organized until just recently.

Small projects done with 3 kids home and one 20 month old who only wants to hang on mommy.
1. Lego's
2. Family Photo's on the computer
3. Info on paralegal
4. Organized physical pictures
Now I just need to work on:
1. Zoey's room
2. Roxie's Room
3. My bedroom
4. Paint the upstairs hallway (1\2 way done.)
How can you not smile!


  1. It is always more fun to get paid to organize someone than do your own.

  2. it was 108 in Boise this week, but I still like that better than 80 or 90 with humidity!