Sunday, July 1, 2012

Early 4th Of July Celebration

Martin telling his Dad about the car.

Monster Truck.  No comments on my weight.  I am trying to lose 10lbs

Martin was in love with all the Tanks on Display

Lego Arizona Flag

Lego American Flag.  Martin wants to learn how to make one.

Waiting for the Fireworks at Daddy work.

Watching the Fireworks

Zoey liked the "Pretty Color" not so much the sound

I was playing with my Camera during the fireworks and I liked the picture.


  1. Your weight looks just fine to me. Maybe you should try putting ON 10 lbs! So fun to get extra 4th of July celebrating- my fave holiday!

  2. You look wonderful and so does the rest of your beautiful family.

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  4. Martin loved the Car show and telling Doug all about the different cars. Than he saw the Tanks and really wanted to drive one. So the USMC told him he just needed to wait a few more years and Sign up and he could drive one.