Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Martin and his Dad Talking about School

Dad: So how school?
Martin: Good.
Dad: Did you make any friends?
Martin: Yes
Dad: What are their Names?
Martin: Travis and Chris
Dad: Why are their your friends
Martin: Because Chris thinks he is funny and he makes me laugh and Travis has cool glasses.
Dad: Do you like any girls?
Martin: YES. Langley and Miranda.
Dad: Why do you like them? Are they Pretty?
Martin: Miranda is pretty but she is serious. 
Dad: What is she serious about?
Martin: School.  She is pretty but serious.
Dad: What do you like about Langley?
Martin: She is pretty and she likes to play.
Dad: Do you like your teacher?
Martin: I don't know yet but she is pretty too.

At lest he talks to his dad.  Same conversation but earlier in the day.

Mom: How was school?
Martin: Ok
Mom: Did you make new friends
Martin: Yes
Mom: What are their names
Martin: I forgot.
Mom: Do you like your teacher?
Martin: Maybe tomorrow I will like her.

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