Saturday, September 15, 2012

They drive me crazy but here are a few good moments

Martin and the baseball bat

Zoey before

After told No

Roxie and her throne

Why can't we have another brother?

I repeat I am not pregnant!!  Now with that said here is the conversation Martin and Roxie are having in the back yard.
Martin: Roxie we are going to have a brother because we need to have three boys and three girls.
Roxie: We are NOT (yelling) having a brother or sister!  I like our family without any more brothers.
Martin: No we HAVE to have at lest one more Brother.  Its not fair! We have a dad and me but you have a sister and a mom and you! We need a brother
Roxie: I don't want any more brothers or sisters!  NO (Yelling)! I will be so angry if we have another brother.  I like you Martin
Martin: I like you Roxie but I need a brother to play with.
Roxie: I want to play with you.
Martin: No Roxie I need a brother to play brother things.
Roxie: I can play brother things.  Martin do you want to play princesses?
Martin: Mom see we need a brother.

Both kids came into the house upset about Martin not playing princesses and wanting a brother.
Me: Martin the only way a brother might come into this house is if everyone is nice, kind and we do not fight with our sisters.  Roxie it isn't up to you if another baby comes into this house. Martin one more thing if another baby ever comes into this house it can be a boy or girl. They both walked outside saying "Mom isn't being fair!"
To be honest every day between 5-6pm is the reason there isn't another baby.  Birth Control hour!! The kids for some reason go crazy and fight non stop with each other.  They spend more time in their rooms between 5-6 than any other time of the day.
Sorry I do not have new pictures of the kids!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Spelling Test, Math Test, rain and friends

Martin has been in school two full months! Grandparents day, picture day, parent teacher conference and at the end of the month the book fair.  All the kids are excited for the book fair and so am I.  I love seeing all the books and I let Martin, Roxie and now I guess Zoey each pick a book.

Martin has passed all his spelling test and took his first math test and got 100%.  I am so proud of him after all I could barely count to 100 when I left kindergarten and he has been counting to 100 since he was 4 and 1000 since kindergarten and now when he is bored he counts to 2000.
Martin's favorite part of the day is science, reading and free time. He loves reading and I couldn't be happier.  He mainly reads about dinosaurs and super hero but they are level 2 readers and some level 3.
 He has had trouble with one friend he met the first day of school.  He told Martin for the last two weeks they can't play together anymore.  He was so upset he started to cry at home and my heart broke.  I decided to remind him there are other kids who might not have friends and he should try and be their friend. 
He was pick for student of the week in his class and made a poster board with pictures of the family.  He wanted to do it all himself and he did.  I taped the pictures down but he did all the writing. He even spelled Paige's name right without any help.
He is also excited because he has his top two teeth are loose.

Watering the grass!!  Who knew it could be so much fun!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I agree Bacon is awesome!
Since marrying Doug bacon has become a breakfast food item on Thursday, Saturday Sunday Morning.  We have tried so many different types and flavor of bacon and found one we love Wright Bacon it is amazing. The flavor has the right kind of smokehouse taste and it better the less crispy the bacon is.  It is a little pricy and the only place that sells it for a good price is Walmart.   I have nothing against Walmart unless you are trying to check because why have 20+ register and only have three with cashiers.
Back to my bacon so my wonderful husband brought home Hormel Black Lable Maple flavor Bacon because I told him how wonderful it tasted and smelled.  While Doug was cooking breakfast I could smell the wonderful maple and I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into the delicious memory creating bacon only to be disappointed.
 It was ok nothing great and on the same leave as Oscar Myers bacon we had tired.  The Maple flavoring or glaze caused the bacon to burn at a faster rate and the bacon lost all of its wonderful flavor I member as a kid.
Doug decided to try again and slowly cooked the bacon but still it burn and the taste a lack of taste it  was very disappointing. 
We have found the two bacon companies we love Wright and Farmland.
Hormel needs to take some tips from Wright Bacon!!