Friday, August 30, 2013

I love this little guy

Hudson is the most amazing little person. I tell everyone the reason is so good is because I hand picked him out and the Lord knew if he didn't seen me a good baby I just might never show up to church again.  Hudson is the perfect baby he hardly ever cries unless he has a dirty, hungry or being attack by his big sister Zoey.  He hasn't started sleep though the night yet but when he wakes up he goes back to sleep really fast, he falls asleep in his car seat all the time because well lets be honest if he didn't he would never get any sleep since we are contently moving due to school and preschool.  I feel so blessed to have Hudson in my life and he was well worth the wait. He smiles and brings joy to everyone he is around specially his Grandpa Wimmer and Grandma Wimmer, he has started to laugh and its the cuties little laugh and I can't help laughing along with him which only make him laugh more. He will turn four months on the 7th and will be heading out for the next round of shots on the 12th something I am not looking forward too.  The kids use my camera to take pictures of him all the time and I'm starting to think number 4 might have the most photos taken of him.
I love my little Hudson!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Legoland and the disappointment

First Family Picture with Hudson

Zoey and Hudson in the stroller

Lego Lake

Ghost Lego

One of the best Park a Tie Fighter all Legos

Best Kid!!!

Les Vegas all in Legos

30 Rock and NYC

White House

Star Wars Martin LOVED IT

Yup I even got picture

Martin took this picture

LEGO car with Tires
I'm not sure where to start but all I can say is that Doug and I were very disappointed with the park.  Martin and Roxie liked it and thankfully they were free because we had tickets kid free with one adult admission and Zoey and Hudson were already free.  The best part was Mini Lego City where the major cities in the USA are done in Lego's.  The park nickles and dimes you to death and anything other than rides cost money.  Want to go panning for gold 3 dollars, want face painting 5 dollars, driving school 12.95, want a diver lic with your picture that looks like a loge to drive your car with 5 dollars (That one I cold do on my home computer.  Martin and Roxie were able to ride the kids coasters which only gave me a headache for all the sharp turns.
Personally I think it was our mistake going to Disneyland first where everything is always updated, freshly painted and everyone seems to love there job and even if they don't they put on a fake smile.  Legoland needs a fresh coat of paint everywhere and park ride attendants would get a little annoyed with Roxie when she would get off the wrong side of the ride when existing. WE didn't get to see any of the shows because the kids were getting tired and grouchy and by 3:30 we had to leave because of rush hour was only going to get worse.
We took I-8 home and I can only say never pass Gila Bend without stopping for gas because there isn't a gas station for at lest 50 miles and when you tank is empty it can be very frighting. Thankful the Lord blessed us and we were able to find a gas station and Doug drove the rest of the way home and we arrived at midnight.
I know understand my mother saying I need a vacation after my vacation!

My little Trooper!

Hudson was amazing!!  He said in my wrap the entire time expect for around 10pm when he pooped though his outfit all over my.  That wasn't cool but that the life of a mommy!!
Hudson only fussed when he was hungry or dirty diaper otherwise he slept in the wrap or rode int he stroller.  He is such a good baby.

Disneyland Part 2 Princesses

The only person Zoey wanted to see was Cinderella and to be honest I dreaded the line to see her but after a two hour nap we headed out to see the Princess and found to our surprise that the parade had just started and I only had to wait 5 min before we got to see the Princess.  However I wanted to see Princess Merida but she left at 3pm. Zoey hide behind my legs while I had Hudson wrapped to my chest but Roxie went up to ever princess like a champ.  We were able to take out time because everyone was at the parade and I loved knowing the girls each got personal attention.  When we arrived to Cinderella Zoey wouldn't wanted to walk up to meet her because she is really shy.  SO I picked her up and we talked to Cinderella until the little next girl arrived but I loved the fact that Cinderella tried really hard to get Zoey to talk and right before we left Zoey held her hand.
AS we left the area of the Princess Doug was waiting for us and Zoey ran into his arm shouting.  I saw Cinderella and she has blonde hair like me. Even though I had a migraine the whole time we were there this was the most perfect moment as a mommy.  My girls got to do the one thing they wanted to since we arrived to see the Princesses.
Sleeping Beauty AKA the Pink Princess

Couldn't fix the red eye


Zoey was so shy but she wanted to see her Princess

Cinderella call me a mighty woman because I picked up Zoey and Carried Hudson

Many Face's of Zoey on her first Ride Mickey's Fun Wheel

Happy 10 Years! Celebrating at the Happiest Place On Earth Part 1

Wednesday morning I noticed Doug wasn't going to work and asked him his plans.  He said just getting your car's brakes done and a few other things.  Around 11:30 he asked if I could have the kids and I packed for three days and be ready by 2:00pm.  I was ready by noon and we left at 4pm hitting rush hour.  My vote was to head north into cooler weather but I was out voted by several little people.  We headed towards California and after a longer trip than expected due to potty, dinner, and fussy baby we made it at 11:30pm.  The kids were asleep which was perfect because we wanted to surprise them in the morning.  After breakfast Martin, Roxie and Zoey were so excited as we walked into Disneyland and Disney California. Martin rode his first Roller Coast California Screaming and Loved it so we had to ride it again once with Dad and once with Mom!
They gave us pins to where telling everyone we were celebrating out Anniversary and everywhere we went we were congratulated and I was asked how many years I said 10 years and when they take a look at all the kids there eyes would get huge and one woman said with a wink "Well I can see he can't keep his hands hands off you.  Being married is the most wonderful part of life." That was one of many fun people that worked at Disneyland.  I had people coming up telling me that Zoey had the most beautiful hair color and such white skin.  (The Sunscreen was a little older than I thought and we all have pink nose's and Doug and I are cooked. :( Lesson learned buy new sunscreen ever year)
Disneyland was really packed full of people and to be honest we had to wait in line just like New Years day.
All Packed and Ready to Go

Beautiful SunSet

Waiting to Go into California and Cars land

The Zoey

Walking down Car's Land

Martin's First Roller coater and not he is addicted.

Not much we can ride together

Waiting for her turn to ride something
The Zoey's first ride!

6 Cars,4 four kids and No Pets but lots of Fun

2003 Excited for our Future
10 Years Later Wouldn't Change

Monday, August 5, 2013

Baby's Blessing

Grandpa, Grandma and Hudson

Zoey and her very special friend Grandma

Nap Time!