Saturday, August 17, 2013

Disneyland Part 2 Princesses

The only person Zoey wanted to see was Cinderella and to be honest I dreaded the line to see her but after a two hour nap we headed out to see the Princess and found to our surprise that the parade had just started and I only had to wait 5 min before we got to see the Princess.  However I wanted to see Princess Merida but she left at 3pm. Zoey hide behind my legs while I had Hudson wrapped to my chest but Roxie went up to ever princess like a champ.  We were able to take out time because everyone was at the parade and I loved knowing the girls each got personal attention.  When we arrived to Cinderella Zoey wouldn't wanted to walk up to meet her because she is really shy.  SO I picked her up and we talked to Cinderella until the little next girl arrived but I loved the fact that Cinderella tried really hard to get Zoey to talk and right before we left Zoey held her hand.
AS we left the area of the Princess Doug was waiting for us and Zoey ran into his arm shouting.  I saw Cinderella and she has blonde hair like me. Even though I had a migraine the whole time we were there this was the most perfect moment as a mommy.  My girls got to do the one thing they wanted to since we arrived to see the Princesses.
Sleeping Beauty AKA the Pink Princess

Couldn't fix the red eye


Zoey was so shy but she wanted to see her Princess

Cinderella call me a mighty woman because I picked up Zoey and Carried Hudson

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