Friday, August 30, 2013

I love this little guy

Hudson is the most amazing little person. I tell everyone the reason is so good is because I hand picked him out and the Lord knew if he didn't seen me a good baby I just might never show up to church again.  Hudson is the perfect baby he hardly ever cries unless he has a dirty, hungry or being attack by his big sister Zoey.  He hasn't started sleep though the night yet but when he wakes up he goes back to sleep really fast, he falls asleep in his car seat all the time because well lets be honest if he didn't he would never get any sleep since we are contently moving due to school and preschool.  I feel so blessed to have Hudson in my life and he was well worth the wait. He smiles and brings joy to everyone he is around specially his Grandpa Wimmer and Grandma Wimmer, he has started to laugh and its the cuties little laugh and I can't help laughing along with him which only make him laugh more. He will turn four months on the 7th and will be heading out for the next round of shots on the 12th something I am not looking forward too.  The kids use my camera to take pictures of him all the time and I'm starting to think number 4 might have the most photos taken of him.
I love my little Hudson!!


  1. Can't wait to meet him. I'm getting this semester figured out soon so hopefully I can plan a trip.

  2. It will be tons of fun to see you!