Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy 10 Years! Celebrating at the Happiest Place On Earth Part 1

Wednesday morning I noticed Doug wasn't going to work and asked him his plans.  He said just getting your car's brakes done and a few other things.  Around 11:30 he asked if I could have the kids and I packed for three days and be ready by 2:00pm.  I was ready by noon and we left at 4pm hitting rush hour.  My vote was to head north into cooler weather but I was out voted by several little people.  We headed towards California and after a longer trip than expected due to potty, dinner, and fussy baby we made it at 11:30pm.  The kids were asleep which was perfect because we wanted to surprise them in the morning.  After breakfast Martin, Roxie and Zoey were so excited as we walked into Disneyland and Disney California. Martin rode his first Roller Coast California Screaming and Loved it so we had to ride it again once with Dad and once with Mom!
They gave us pins to where telling everyone we were celebrating out Anniversary and everywhere we went we were congratulated and I was asked how many years I said 10 years and when they take a look at all the kids there eyes would get huge and one woman said with a wink "Well I can see he can't keep his hands hands off you.  Being married is the most wonderful part of life." That was one of many fun people that worked at Disneyland.  I had people coming up telling me that Zoey had the most beautiful hair color and such white skin.  (The Sunscreen was a little older than I thought and we all have pink nose's and Doug and I are cooked. :( Lesson learned buy new sunscreen ever year)
Disneyland was really packed full of people and to be honest we had to wait in line just like New Years day.
All Packed and Ready to Go

Beautiful SunSet

Waiting to Go into California and Cars land

The Zoey

Walking down Car's Land

Martin's First Roller coater and not he is addicted.

Not much we can ride together

Waiting for her turn to ride something
The Zoey's first ride!

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