Saturday, August 17, 2013

Legoland and the disappointment

First Family Picture with Hudson

Zoey and Hudson in the stroller

Lego Lake

Ghost Lego

One of the best Park a Tie Fighter all Legos

Best Kid!!!

Les Vegas all in Legos

30 Rock and NYC

White House

Star Wars Martin LOVED IT

Yup I even got picture

Martin took this picture

LEGO car with Tires
I'm not sure where to start but all I can say is that Doug and I were very disappointed with the park.  Martin and Roxie liked it and thankfully they were free because we had tickets kid free with one adult admission and Zoey and Hudson were already free.  The best part was Mini Lego City where the major cities in the USA are done in Lego's.  The park nickles and dimes you to death and anything other than rides cost money.  Want to go panning for gold 3 dollars, want face painting 5 dollars, driving school 12.95, want a diver lic with your picture that looks like a loge to drive your car with 5 dollars (That one I cold do on my home computer.  Martin and Roxie were able to ride the kids coasters which only gave me a headache for all the sharp turns.
Personally I think it was our mistake going to Disneyland first where everything is always updated, freshly painted and everyone seems to love there job and even if they don't they put on a fake smile.  Legoland needs a fresh coat of paint everywhere and park ride attendants would get a little annoyed with Roxie when she would get off the wrong side of the ride when existing. WE didn't get to see any of the shows because the kids were getting tired and grouchy and by 3:30 we had to leave because of rush hour was only going to get worse.
We took I-8 home and I can only say never pass Gila Bend without stopping for gas because there isn't a gas station for at lest 50 miles and when you tank is empty it can be very frighting. Thankful the Lord blessed us and we were able to find a gas station and Doug drove the rest of the way home and we arrived at midnight.
I know understand my mother saying I need a vacation after my vacation!

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