Monday, September 29, 2014

September the beginning of FALL BREAK!

Today is the first day of fall break 14 days of mommy trying to figure out what to do. So far everyone was ok with being a little lazy because I haven't been able to sleep much the last several week.
Rain started off our Saturday and boy it was fun, crazy and never seem to stop.
Doug however will be missing a lot of the fun because he will be busy with business trip to LA and than Scout Trip to San Diego.
  We will be hitting up the museums, play dates with best friends and maybe a play date for this mommy with her best friend. Than of course the library to keep my book buying habits at bay and than to finish off the 14 days we will be going on the ward camp-out. That is right we are planning on taking all four kids camping.

October is already turning out to be a busy month with Eye Doctor appointments, doctors appointments for a certain little soon to be 4 year old and a possible runner club. Thats right Martin is thinking about joining running club. Yea now I am wondering if he is mine.

Hudson is talking more and more. He walks around the house picking up things saying "Got IT." He also yells "Bye Dad." Along with Mom, poop, pee, ouch and a few other funny phase that only Doug and I understand. Hudson is growing up fast but I am enjoying every second of it!
Trying to listen to Stake Conference but he makes it tough

Trying to get a cranky boy to sleep. Daddy has the magic touch.

Didn't really sleep but he put the blanket over his head.

Open and dumped the entire family size box of Lucky Charms. Not a happy mommy. Zoey and Hudson in heaven.

More rain.