Monday, January 23, 2012

Yup the Stomach Flu Hits Again

Sunday I woke up with no voice from a nasty cold that my sweet Roxie decided to share with me. I spent most of dinner teasing Doug that he got me sick not Roxie so he wouldn't have to do anything for my birthday on Wednesday.
1am arrives and I woke up coughing and found Martin laying on my floor and says his tummy hurts. I went to get Advil in hopes he will go back to sleep and with in seconds he starts to toss his cookies. Than 2am arrives and Roxie starts to have issues from both ends.
I have a sweetest husband because he took Martin and I took Roxie. Finally around 6am Roxie starts to slow down long enough to sleep but Martin was still losing his everything left in his tummy.

I can't seem to figure out what the kids got into that Doug and I both missed out on (VERY happy to have missed it.) I swear my house is clean because every since Roxie got sick once a week with stomach flu I made sure to have a clean house.
I forget to mention that Zoey is very Happy. She has been so happy and such a delight even with the slightly runny diapers she has started to have.

I have no idea why the font is so big.

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