Saturday, December 29, 2012

Park Day with the Bremners

Martin, Jake and Roxie

Martin, Jake, Roxie and Lily
Uncle Randy and Martin
While Randy's family was visiting the kids went to the park and played.  AS you can see their favorite toy at the park was a spinner. Now most of the time the kids hang on it as it spins but Uncle Randy put the kids on top and they loved every second of it.
Everyday the Bremners were here Martin would ask when he could play with his cousins.  He loved playing with Jake and had tons of fun.  I was happy to see how well Roxie and Lily played being two princesses. 
I had fun hanging out with Heather and Baby Alyssa (Ok don't be offend I couldn't remember how  her name.)  Alyssa is the sweetest baby and I think I heard her cry maybe twice the whole time they were down.
Christmas Eve we all went to the Mesa AZ Temple lights and as always they were beautiful.  I know Jake and Tyler mentioned several times how it seemed weird to see palm trees with Christmas lights.
I have to admit the one thing I truly miss about Christmas is the snow on the lights and how beautiful it looks. However I do not miss the cold and being wet all the time.
Again we had tons of fun with Heather and Randy and I feel so blessed they came down to enjoy Christmas with Mom and Dad and my little family.

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