Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ward Camp-out Sharp Creek

Doug and I took Martin and Roxie on the ward Camp out to Sharp Creek near Payson Az.  Grandma Wimmer willing took Zoey for the night and boy was I grateful!
We packed the car with 4 sleeping bags, two tents, cot, pad, more junk food than is ever needed, warm hats and gloves along with tons of warm blankets.
Group Camp Site

Roxie going Zipling

Bro. Ray sending Roxie down.

The girls Tent.  Next time I sleep with Martin.

Boy's Tent.

Martin and Gage where running down the hill and Martin hit his knee on the Rock.  To stop the tears Doug said "Martin you knee broke the Rock.  Which Martin replied "Its because of all the Milk I drink." 

The car's Teeth are Chattering from the cold morning.

Hot Chocolate in the cold morning

Roxy Meet Roxie.  The sweetest Dog!!


Martin helping Josie!

Josie "Talking" with Martin

Its official she is flirting with Martin.  JoJo has a little crush on Martin.

Martin Zipling with the AWESOME Hormel hat!  It kept him warm just like it used to keep me warm in MN.
 We had a great time at the ward camp out ate wonderful dutch over blueberry, peach and blackberry cobbler and I think I might want to learn how to use a dutch over.  Watched everyone play horseshoe and enjoyed the smores at night while the young women sang their camp songs. The camp site had bathrooms but due to the smell my amazing husband took the kids to the bathroom for me so I wouldn't dry heave.  He is the best!!!
It might have been cold to most everyone there but I loved the weather.  I loved the trees, smell of the fresh mountain air and explaining to Martin what cow pies! Needless to say he will never touch a cow pie again.
We saw snakes, mice, rollie pollie and more than enough tranchula to last me a life time.
We had a great time and I loved visiting the cold but I loved coming home to my 75 degree night with my little Zoey in my arms!


  1. Looks like fun, except for the sleeping in a tent thing

  2. Camping isn't what it used to be. The cot we borrowed was soft and comfortable.
    A friends tent had the craziest air matteres and heater it was like being at home in their tent!

  3. The only downside was the toilet having to use the bathroom was almost a killer at one point I was debating peeing in the woods because the bathroom stunk so bad.

  4. There are +and- to everything - but it does look like you had a great time.