Monday, October 8, 2012

Early Ultrasound

My doctor likes to have an early ultrasound performed to confirm pregnancy.
I went in for the ultrasound and came out with one little raspberry.  The due date is confirmed for May 21st 2013.  This was the first time I saw a little arm bud in a ultrasound with a heart beat of 170.
Baby with an arm bud and tail.
Just wanted to tell everyone that yes I am officially pregnant.


  1. Nooooo. I'm really hoping its a boy but I have to admit when she told me the heart beat my first thought was no not another girl ;)

  2. Rephrase that with I will be happy with another girl I just don't want to put Grandna Bremner though make another blessing dress ;)

  3. Congrats. Hope your feeling well now. I wish my dr. would do ultra sounds. I get one and that is to see if everything is ok and what it might be. I am hoping for a girl. Since all my maternity stuff is gone and all my boy stuff is gone and all my girl stuff up to 9 months is gone. It would be easier :) Good Luck girlie!!

  4. My insurance doesn't cover much when it comes to ultrasounds so My doctor will let me have as many as I want I just have to pay out of pocket. Not cheap. Also I have to admit I have a friends who's husband own his own ultrasound company and he brings it home.