Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I wish I could eat!!!

The last two weeks I have been gaining a little weight, but unable to really eat anything unless it is toast with tons of butter or Pizza!!  
The nausea is over whelming everything and anything I can smell from a cat spraying in our yard to someone cooking BBQ a black away.  I can sleep anytime even after sleeping between 5-8 hours.  I am extremely emotional!!  I was watching Tangled and started to cry my eyes out thinking the poor parents never got to raise their daughter. 
Most of you know but for the few others I am due with another little person sometimes in May.  I would love to say I have a due date but lets be honest Martin arrived 3 weeks earlier, Roxie arrived 3 days early and Zoey arrived 1 week early.  
5 more weeks and I will be 12 weeks and I am hoping the worst of the morning sickness will be over but with Roxie and Zoey I was sick until 20+ weeks but with Martin I was sick until 12 weeks! I am hoping for a boy!!!
Martin is extremely excited to be a big brother again but he is hoping for a brother so that some day he can play boy stuff. Although he would be happy with a sister to protect.
 Roxie is slowly coming to terms with having another baby but if its a girl "I will not share my Pink with Her!"  Zoey has no idea what is happening but it will be an big adjustment for her after all she is very much connected to me her mommy.
I will have an ultrasound a next Monday to confirm due date and we get to hear the heartbeat.
I am nauseated all the time and I can't get enough of Ginger Ale (Gross)!
The good news according to my doctor the sicker I am the healthier the pregnancy.  Personally I think he is saying this to make me feel better every time I dry heave, run for the bath room or lay down 1 hour after I woke up!


  1. Congrats! Not on being sick but on expecting. You are pulling ahead of me. :) How close will this make all your kids?

  2. Martin Roxie 2 1\2 Roxie and Zoey 22 months and Zoey and this baby 2 1\2 years.
    Thank you. I know it has been a hard year on you and I pray for you every night!!
    Lets just say this is the last one!!