Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Not Everyone is Happy On Their Birthday.

I guess not everyone can be happy on their birthday. We all started to sing Zoey but she soon covered her face and started to cry and wouldn't blow out her candles. Once we calmed her down a little Doug lite the candles again and she blew them out on her own candles. She never once touched her doughnut which surprised Doug and I because she loves doughnut but we never allow her to have frosting because it makes such a mess but I figured for this birthday it would be perfect.  Guess not.
 After all the tears she started to get into her birthday and loved opening her wonderful gifts.  A beautiful dress and Ragged Anne doll, balloons, clothes, people toy, blocks and her very own scooter so she will stop taking Roxie's. And of course her piece of America her Hormel Stock.

Zoey has fallen head over heels for her Grandma Bremner.  Every day since they arrived she looks around the house asking for her grandma and papa and when she can't find them she starts to cry.  Than again when they leave the house she starts to cry and I fear when they leave she isn't going to handle it too well.
Zoey is our Big Two Year Old!  Some days I wish for my small baby back but than I realized she never slept so I will take my excellent 2 year old sleeper Zoey girl.

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  1. She was so funny when we started to sing - maybe it was the singing.