Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm Back from the Land of???

Doug and I got back from the Magic Marketplace in Las Vegas. I love going to the MAGIC Marketplace because I can see some of the latest fashion for the next two seasons. I was able to go to 8 different shows and walk the floor every day. Doug was in meetings until 3 most days so I spent my time walking the different show floors and enjoying every second of not being pushed, pulled or touched my little people. I enjoyed not hearing the endless tears and screams of little people but I also missed though little people.
The upcoming fashions are big prints, colored jeans, lots of beach wear for the every day and scarfs. For the winter lots of beautiful colored and amazing fabric for pea coats and still the bright color jeans which I am not going to be wearing no matter how much you pay me. Dress are getting shorter and less sleeves but that was mainly in juniors.
One of my favorite shows was pool. Now you would think that would mean swimsuits and beach wear right WRONG. It was a pool of boutique stores and unique items that wouldn't be for the everyday. Now WWD (Womens)MAGIC People sold everything from Betty Page Style clothes to Steam Punk to the every day clothing if that gives you any idea HOW strange Pool was to walk though. I wish I could have taken pictures but people and security get really made when you take pictures. Some companies will band you from coming into there booths if you take any pictures of the outside of the booth.
I have most respect for what Doug does in Vegas each year because it isn't really a party it is a lot of hard work.
I hope I will be able to go again because I loved seeing the fashions but I really enjoyed having some time with Doug away from the kids. I'm pretty sure going twice a year might be out for the Grandma's but hopefully I will be able to go once a year. Now I just need to pick when Feb. over Valentines or August over my Anniversary.
Doug and I ate at the most amazing places and my favorite was at Jasmine in Bellagio Hotel. We were able to watch the water show several times and have wonderful Chinese Food.
I feel so blessed to be able to get away with Doug because I know a lot of people do not have the chance to take vacations without bring the kids.
We had quite the adventure coming home Heavy winds, down pouring rain and have icy snow.
It feel good to be home and I was able to bring home a beautiful FREE Coat and several shirts.

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