Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Sorry for the older pictures but these are the only ones I have right now.
I was given a wonderful surprise this morning from my wonderful family beautiful gifts of earrings from Martin, Shoes from Roxie, a movie from Zoey and my GPS updated from Doug.  Now I will not keeping looking for a Burger King that was torn down after 2006. Right Mom :)
I am so grateful for all the amazing women in my life that have guided into motherhood.  I love you all so very much than you Grandma's, Thank you Mom, Thank you Mom W., Thank you Lisa, Kristi, to my amazing sister-in-laws and my wonderful and amazing sisters Paige and Amanda.  Thank you all for giving me help when needed and support when I was going crazy over the littlest things.

I love you all.

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