Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Everyone kept telling me how brave I was for having Qatar watch the kids for five days but in all honesty I knew he could do it otherwise I would have never asked. We came home to find Martin saying Qatar was the meanest babysitter because he followed the schedule and never let them get away with anything.  Qatar took them to church and I must have had half my ward tell me what a wonderful job he did and they were thinking of calling him as a babysitter.
 When I was ask why I just tell people I taught the greatest abstinence lesson. Sex = Kids if you like your freedom don't have sex until you are married.
The day we got home Qatar was extremely excited we were back and telling me he was never going to have kids until he is married because being a single parent is way to hard. 
He said he now understands when he and Doug come home from work and I look a little crazy, tried or upset he now understands.
I did tell him to spoil the kids while we were gone because it would make his job so much easier but he kept to the rules.
Lisa you are more than welcome to spoil my kids rotten because you are the Auntie!!

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  1. Qatar looks like a great missionary except for the feet!