Monday, July 21, 2014

Break from Vacation BACK TO SCHOOL!

Today is the first day of school for little miss Roxie. Martin is excited for 3rd grade he woke up two hours before he was suppose to leave got dressed. (Shoes and Socks on without asking) and was wearing his backpack.  I don't think he belongs to me because I truly can't think of a time I was excited for school.
I feel a little bad today because while I was waiting for Roxie to meet her Kindergarten teacher I sent Martin to find his class line. So after Roxie left me I went in hunt for Martin but never found him.  I found everyone else kids all smiling and playing but not Martin. 

To help with Roxie's nerves Martin reminded her he was right next door in Room 17 if she needed anything.  They held hands until we got closer to the school and than Martin asked her to let go.  However I did notice they were still holding hands.

Roxie has Martin's Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Maxwell and to top it off Martin is in room 17 and Roxie is in room 16 right next to each other.

Zoey on the other hand has enjoyed watching My Little Pony, Snack and having most of the morning to her mommy.  Which by the way I am a nervous rack because I keep hoping Roxie found a friend and Martin made new friends in his class.

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