Thursday, August 7, 2014

Allergies Life

I look Hudson in for his One Year and 15 month check up on the 4thof August.
He is tiny and might just be the runt of the litter but he is the sweetest little guy and to see him in pain is so hard.  He really don't fussy. Yes he screams when he wants something but they all did so he is just like the others.  He eats everything you put in front of him Hot Dogs, Peanut Butter sandwiches, Chinese food, basically the best eater we have ever had.  So when I started to notice he would break out in a little rash, small hives and a red circle on his fore arm I didn't want to believe he had allergies to certain foods. One day after feeding him a peanut butter sandwich I noticed his mouth had red blotches all around it and a large circle formed on his fore arm.  We were already have milk issues IE throwing up all the time with milk I didn't want him t have an allergy to the main staple in the house.

The doctor said he has all the signs so she ordered blood test.  Than six shots later and we were heading home.  Hudson ended up running a fever that night and the next day.  He is normally such a happy baby it was hard to watch him measurable.   We survived as always and he is once again happy until today.  I took him to get blood drawn and I had to hold his little body tight while they squeezed his tiny arm and took a test tub full of blood.  He screamed, cried and tried to get away only causing my heart to ache.  Oh did I forget to mention I HATE NEEDLES.  I mean I get light headed when I see them let alone sticking out of my babies arm. 
We should know some time Tuesday his results and I am praying he isn't allergic to peanut but if he is I will join the ranks of mothers who carry Epie Pens.

Interesting note is doesn't have a problem with tree nuts just peanut nuts.

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