Thursday, August 28, 2014

Quick Run Down BUSY BUSY

Hudson doesn't have any milk or peanut allergy! WAHOO!!! Now the only question is what is breaking him out when he has those items.

Qatar is now home all ready for his mission.  The kids had a blast with their Aunt Lisa and keep asking when they get to play with her again.  Zoey wondered around the house for the first few days wanting Lisa. Hudson wanted his Cutcut. Martin kept asking why the house was so messy and Roxie asked when Lisa will be back to read and play with her again.

 Martin pulled up the calendar and marked when we will see her again next summer.

What a crazy summer and it just seems to be getting crazier with Parent Teacher conference tonight and I'm so lucky I get to bring all the kids with me.

We are busy busy with home work, scouts, callings and having the kids friends over I'm not sure anything really gets done.  So yes the house has been taking second place but sometimes Cuddle time is just more important than a clean house.

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